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Who does not love Money Money Money

My name is Miranda Grace Silver and I am a 34-year-old mother of two teenager boys. Jakob is 14 years old and Keegan is my 12-year-old and I have been blessed to be the stepmother of three little girls, Andrea, is 10 years old and Aubrey is 8 year’s and Ava is 3 years old and there wonderful loving Father Alexander aka Alex and I have been together for two years in April . You may be wondering why Alex and the girls’ names start with A well his ex-wife and he thought it is a cool idea for them to be the A team.

I have been studying finances for over fours now when my story starts in August of 2015 when I hit the lowest point in my life when I was forced with a decision of how am I going to get my children school clothes and where my next rent payment was going to come from.

So I decide to go for a walk because I did not believe in using the car for a short walk up the street in my home town of Livermore Falls Maine. On my walk, I had stopped at this lawn in the hope I could find some clothes for my boys for school and when I saw a book called “The Financial Peace Planner ” written by Dave Ramsey and I tell this book change my life for the better.

Fast forward for the past four years I have been living a more frugal finance lifestyle whether I am shopping at local lawn sales or garage sale or you see me clipping coupons and printing coupons to checking my two cash app so I am able to feed my ever so big family.

I have learned a lot of my financial way through self-education, personal experience and talking to people who were older then I and I were lucky to be able to work in an environment as a certify Nurse Aid in a Nursing Home for many years so who better to study and ask a question.
So with the love of learning about money and budgeting has to lead me to the best decision and that shares my knowledge with others who are in the same boat as me.
My family and I currently live in a small town called Mexico Maine and we add to our family his name is Butterball Buddy he is a 6-month kitten.

I have written a few mini eBooks’ “Stepping Stone’s into Budgeting” “Housekeeping is Not a Dirty Word” “Key Points for the Renter” “We are Engage to be Married or we are married” ” Max $$$ Tips” with many more to write.

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