George and Kelly Part 2

Are you as excited as I am to find out what George and Kelly did to get themselves out of there financial hardship they put themselves in? 
As you know that George and Kelly are my dear good friends so when they came to me for help a week later. It took me over three weeks to convince George and Kelly to sell one of there cars and replace it with a decent used one which is already paid for. 
The reason for this because George has a classic case of stuffitis: He loves the good stuff. He wanted to drive new cars, dress his family in the finest designer clothes and love living in a big house. Sound like most of us right I mean I would love to have a new car, designer clothes, and a big house but someday I may have all those things someday. 
So unlike a materialist who, who as live by the motto ” The More, the better, “how much George owned wasn’t that important to him as the quality of the stuff he owned. His thought was he only want the best.

George layoffs might have been the reason he and Kelly were in Financial ruin, but the other part was his stuffitis was out of this world. It was so bad that if George hadn’t lost his first job, he and Kelly would still be in a lot of serious debt because of their spending patterns.

The question is do you suffer from stuffitis? Go head I wait for a few minutes while you take time to think about that question.

So I have included a little checklist that might best describe the way you think.

– I will not ever think about selling one of my cars/ trucks/boats because it going to leave a big hole in my heart and in my life? 
–I do not find it unusual for me to say ” it only a few extra dollars” when I’m I am only shopping. 
— I get upset up when my wife/husband/friend suggested I shop for the discountitems. My thought are you pay for what you get right. 
— Budgets, schmudget, generic brands just don’t taste as good. So what’s is a few here and there. 
__ So what I spent $400 on the new Apple I phone watch, the top of the line last longer.

So look to see how many you have to check is there more than one item above, then it more in likely you have a case of the stuffitis.

Well now, what do we do about it well we can not just to the doctor to fix the problem right so here one suggestion keeps a very close eye on what you own. 
Having the best designer clothes does not make decent people, driving the best cars or trucks isn’t going to make you any more special than me.

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