Let Talk about Frugal Living Means

Good afternoon everyone I want to take this time to thank you for reading my daily article.

So when you think about role model’s in your life when it comes to money for me it the senior citizens like the one who had lived through the Great Depression, when everyone was a force to cut back on there spending. They had to learn how to get the most out of there money, and they are now watching in horror as “our generation” spending habits are out of control
So I would like to take the time to talk about three very inspirational people who I met over the year who have been a huge influence on me. 
Year’s ago when I was working as a certified nurse’s assistant’s on and off for year’s and the first inspiration lady I would like to recognize her name is Ida May and she was from a little small town called Livermore Falls Maine who like to request a table near window in a restaurants because when she was younger her grandmother and mother taught her that if you are sitting by a window in a restaurant will give you a lot bigger portions so that way any passersby will take notice and want to eat at the establishment . 
Another very inspirational man to me was George Henry who was from a little town of Mexico Maine and he had the magic mind when it come to money because he didn’t believe in having air conditioning in his car. Do not think he could not afford because he could he just didn’t in needing it. 
Imagine a world where we can distinguish between “needs” and “wants”. With this being said lead to my next inspiration person in my life her name is Nina Marie and from Africa who came to America when so was 18 year’s old. She is one amazing woman because she is able to stretch a dollar like no one else. They are the reason that I have decided to study the game of money. 
So what does it really mean to live frugal or beneath your means- is about spending less then you earn or saving more of your hard earned money because if you have not already notice that everywhere you turn someone is trying to entice you to spend money. 
So if I have your attention do you think that may it about time to learn how to cut down on your expense and it is something that you are very unaccustomed to it. It is going to feel so foreign and so un-American and ever so painful. But trust me it isn’t as bad as it going to feel when you decide to put your expenses on diet without the suffering the hunger pains. 
So would it be a great idea if you no longer having to live paycheck to paycheck – wondering how you’ll be able to meet next month’s bills? 
What about no longer having to be concern about losing everything if you lose your job. 
What about feeling compelled to keep up with my friends and neighbors. Let them spend themselves into the financial chaos if they so desire to do so. 
What about the thought about whether you can or are able to retire. 
What about no worrying if you are retired already and having to worry about running out of money. 
Whether you want to take the leap in changing your life forever or stay in the comforts of financial hardship the choice is always been yours. But if you are willing to take the leap then let me show you how to start saving a few dollars a week and let me show you how to cut your expenses to meet your life’s financial challenges. There’s no better time to start than now.

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