SaraLee Story

Welcome back my faithful followers to another story of my dear friend named Saralee.
But I need you all to make me a promised that she will never find out that I am telling her story behind her back. I am just joking Saralee love the idea of me telling her story to tell.

Saralee troubles started during her divorce. ” She needs to feel numb from the pain she was feeling.” so Saralee turn to shop therapy.
Friday and Saturday nights were her longest times because there was the time when her daughters were out hanging with there friends or on dates.
So instead of seeking help for the pain that she was feeling. Saralee decides that she would shop her pain away at the local mall.
If she didn’t have cash in the bank so did the same thing we would do
and that pulls out the trusted favorite Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Saralee admitted ” If my girls wanted or asked for anything, she would get it for them without worry or question. Saralee continued to live like that long after the divorce from her husband of 21 years.

It was shortly after that Saralee realized that their income had been cut off, could never tell her daughter Amelia and Brooke no to anything she thought was she could go without, but in her mind, it did not seem fair that they go without because their parent was divorce.

Saralee lawyer husband, Kristopher came home one night to have her husband serving her with a divorce paper of coarse Saraless being uneducated as far as being law all she thought about was the high road.

The sucky part was Saralee only demanded that Kristopher only paid child support for there two daughter Amelia who was nineteen, Brooke sixteen with the understanding that complete college.
If Saralee lawyer did his job correctly he would have insisted that she protect herself financially during the divorce proceeding to get half of the family saving.
That was a very costly mistake she was barely got enough $1000 a month was not enough to provide for the girls and forget any left over for her self.

So at that time, that was perfectly found by Saralee. During her marriage, Saralee had put Kristopher through law school when they were first married; `her thoughts were she could pay for her daughter college education and only need to pay her own living expenses. The only problem was Saralee had not worked since the girls were born, finding a job was taken longer then she had expected. So when she finally landed a job as a manager for a store selling office equipment with a $28,000 base, plus commissions.
Before she settles into the new job she had racked up over $7,200 of credit card debt I know that a lot of credit card spending and she had a $6,500 still left on her car loan and an $800 gas bill for the house. What more, she just brought a house an adjustable rate mortgage (at the bottom of the pages will be a definition ) which was climbing as high as 4 percent and then it would be hard to pay with the increase but then there be the time it would decrease which was making her mortgage payment difficult to predict and hard to pay .
So two years after her divorce is when Saralee relized she had a problem she was between being current or troubled. She was good at paying her bill on time and had cleaned up her credit. But if she had to buy a new set of tires would have sent her budget over the hill right into the troubled area. And let not forget that her shop therapy wasn’t helping the matter any.
All of Saralee’s spending did not ease her pain. After all the shopping spress she still was coming home to a very empty house and suffer unbearable grief. What Saralee like were brightly wrapped packages, the sound of tissue and the thrill of the new “stuff” did not begin to fill the bottomless hole in her heart and the climbing credit cards bills.

So I ask you are you using the money to camouflage your feeling?

Below are a few statements which will help you describes you and the way you think :
—– There is nothing like a trip to the mall to help relax me after an argument with my spouse or a very bad day at work.
—- If you see something you like you should buy one in each color.
—- When the ex buys the children expensive presents for the holidays, I feel pressure to do the same.
—- Sometimes I feel ashamed after a shopping trip.
—- When the thing gets tough I go shopping.
If you checked more then one of the above statement, you may have more than a habit.

**An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a home loan with an interest rate that can change periodically. This means that the monthly payments can go up or down
** The current – you are living on the edge. you are able to pay all the bills each month, but you sent it right out again. You good with paying the bills but you having a problem with saving money.
*** The troubled- So the unexpected event happens you were current. But now you are in over your head drowning in debt. You are 30 to 60 days behind in credit cards payment or house payments or car payment and so it starts the process of the nasty calls. So if you start making the right choice now you can recover financially with very little damage to your credit.

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