This is Kelly and George Story

Good morning all my followers I am so proud to be writing this article today because of this a truly heartbreaking story about two of my close friend’s financial hardship and yes it was their Idea to for me to share their story.

This story about George and Kelly who was a force with an unlikely choice of having to choose between bankruptcy or working their ass off to fix their financial downfall.

George came home from work one day to tell his wife Kelly that he did not see another way of there amounting debt.

George and Kelly had a whopping $12,000 in credit card debt, a $20,000 consolidation loan and a loan on both there car’s one for $18,000 and the second loan was for $12,000 and this does not include there mortgage payment of $1,132 a month. 
At the age, thirty-seven George had been laid off a total of seven times in four years. Kelly, thirty-five, working a fast food restaurant as a manager to support her and George and there three children Kyle, ten; Joy eight; and Megan, six; but here salary of $35,000 just never was enough to support her family of five.

What do you think George and Kelly did to survive of course they turn to there credit card like any of would do in a case thought the times.

Keep in mind that they had already a whopping $12,000 in debt and now they add the debt.

Geroge’s current job paid about $35,000 a year, which was as equally match to kelly, but they still were finding themselves falling behind every month.

The idea of bankruptcy started to applaud to them more and more due to the fact that they wanted a way out of there debt, 
Let face it in today world there is no easy way unless you are willing to put the hard work and energy into changing your behavior.

What most people do not know is that filing for bankruptcy will ruin your credit for more than ten years to come which is a very long time in my book right. So with bankruptcy now off the table what are George and Kelly going to do now .

So after taken so time to brainstorming a little Kelly subject that they should sell some of there stuff?

What stuff George asked and Kelly subjected that they sell one of there cars and George went Ape shit crazy “we are not selling one of the cars ” we need them both how do you think we are going to work and getting the children to school since.

George and Kelly both agree that the time was not right to buy another cars , but they work on the opposite side of town. What were they going to do?

So stay tuned to what George and Kelly will do next? And are struggling like George and Kelly in the world of Money if so can check out my latest ebook and I always love to be followed and all the following will be returned.

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