Who does not love Money Money Money

So what better way to introduce the topic of money then giving all you loyal supporters a little background information The united state of America the currency is issued by the U.S. Treasury which we all know is made up of dollars bills and coins and plastic cards. 
Coin and paper money was first introduced into North American by the European settlers. The Britain had not started its issue coin or notes for it settlers yet so what they used tobacco, shells beads and had imported Spanish “pieces of eight “ which is now known as “dollars.” 
Then the colonist also started tp issued their own paper money called it “bills.” The dollar had already been deciding to be used by the United States of America before the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4,1776. The first Currency bills issued from 1775 and Silver dollars were issued at the beginning in 1794. 
Guess what today the U.S dollar is the most widely used currency in the world. 
I know it a little hard to imagine a world without money; because every country has its own, and its history dates back to the earliest written records of human activity
But the question remains what exactly is money? 
Money is many different things: for most people, it is coins, banknotes, plastic cards, and saving in the bank. 
In the past, people would consider feathers, stones, beads, and shells because they considered these items valuables. So what allows us to be able to describe all these items with the same meaning as “money .” is all consider an acceptable form of payments and this includes money you can not see or feel meaning the money that is stored in the computer at the bank which can be spent in the same way as the coin just in debit and credit form. 
We always think of money as coin and dollars bills in our wallets, but into today’s money cannot be put in a pocket, or even touched, because we are moving into the area of electronic data held in the bank and business computer. 
In the past long before the computer was invented, money was held in written records and payment were made by written instructions, usually on printed paper called checks. 
IIt has only been the last few decades, plastic cards, some with chips built in have now begun to replace coin and dollars bills. 
So now you can see why I am excited to share my information

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