Zoey Lesson

” I am not worried about my debt anymore ” my sister had told me the other day while we were having lunch together. ” I borrowed about just over six grand from grandma and grandpa a decide to invested it in her boyfriend t-shirt business. It’s an amazing opportunity. His plan is to sit shop at the mall and set up tables at local fairs. I could make enough money from this deal to pay grandpa and grandma back then have enough to keep the business going !”

Twenty -five year’s old and newly single, Zoey graduated college with a bigger dream and a lot of debts. —–$12,000 in credit care debt to be exact. Zoey was in real concern about the debt because she believes that her friend had more debt them she did.
Just like other colleges, Zoey had fallen into the game of credit card trap when she started using one to pay for her books and a few other ” necessities,” Zoey was paying for school on her own which meant she would need a tight budget right and the harder she works on getting her double major and didn’t want to take a day job and a night job and try to keep up her grades . That when Zoey decide she was going to charge a few things and she figured that when she graduated she would have a job line up and she would pay off her them off then.

Unfortunately, life bit Zoey in the ass. She did manage hired get for a $22,000-a- year entry job in advertising and marketing; but within a short few months, the company had to let Zoey go because they had decided to downsize.
” You know the rule “. It always the last one hired then get first fought first.
You think Zoey would have been more upset with the loss of her job because it took her more then six months to decide if she wants to start her own business and she thought she could make more then someone would pay her. So by this time she had gotten behind in all the bills and the creditor were calling her.
Zoey did not want to go to her parent for help because they have always told Zoey that Credit cards were a bad idea and they were sure right on that.
zoey Short term perspective and her goals for starting her own business without any capital make for the making of bankruptcy a case waiting to happen. So instead of building long term security by getting out of debt and then investing wisely, all Zoey wanted was a quick payoff. The worse part was Zoey was using someone else money to invest in her boyfriend business venture which meant he was putting Zoey in jeopardy of being left with a huge debt bill if the deal goes south.

So are you as vulnerable as Zoey was to the get- rich schemes and bad investment? So here are a few question list below that will help you determined if you are like Zoey.

_ The only way for you get ahead is to take risky chances. _ Know it a bad idea to invest in you do not fully understand, but the opportunity is way too good to pass up.
_ You are sure what the product is, but the woman said it would only cost me $1,200 up front and one hour of my time to sell it. _ Having the idea that this property will pay for itself. Forget the idea that your debt and can not even afford the house you live in now.
_ Just because you have debt does not mean you shouldn’t invest. _ Having a mindset you need to spend a little to make a lot.

So how many have you check above and be honest with your self because I am never going to see it, Just remember the saying buyer beware: You may be susceptible to everything from the classic sophisticated investing to the ever never seeing it come pyramid schemes.
Here a little know secret about getting rich quick? Get rich slow and a lot of hard work. Just trust your gut if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. What’s more, if you have to borrow to invest- whether it’s in the bank’s money or grandpa and grandma money because you are taking a huge risk you can not afford.
borrowing money to build wealth isn’t sophisticated; it just plain STUPID! Think about it this way people are always borrowing money from banks to invest in real estate or some big idea. DO NOT GO THERE! When you spend your own money you will take a lot fewer chances and make better investment decisions.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my sister Zoey and her lesson I can only pray that she at least make decisions on what she has been taught about the budget, and money management. And if you are interested in check out some money saving tips please feel free to hop on over to :

http://www.payhip.com/treasuredinkblots and as always you are more welcome to follow.

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