So let talk about how we can regain control of our finances and build our dream of being millionaire and Billionaire right. So now is the time to learn to limit your lifestyle.
How do we limit our lifestyle well first we need to look at what our income is and we need to determine to live well below it more of frugal live style.
But if you are like George and Kelley and have a case of stuffitis, then with a little hard work you will be able to accomplish the goal in the end.
So let take a trip down memory lane when I was a little girl I remember my parents were young when I was born and they were married and they started off broke like most of us we are attempt to achieve this goal in three to five years a lifestyle that had taken our parents twenty -five to thirty- years to attain . Now or days we can attain this by using the trusted and debt-hungry thieves know as Credit.
Credit allows you to drive buy the same car or truck that your parents work their ass off to get in there working years. Credit allows you to take a vacation, eat out all the time, and even buy a house lot soon them our parent could.
Here the difference: Our parents worked a lot of hard long painful hours and raised you and your brothers and sister and still manage to save pennies sometimes to get where they are now.
You, on the other hand, BORROWED your way into the high life and right in debt.
So now is the time to start making some changes in your lifestyle in this section of post we are going to talk about a huge step in making a change in lifestyle and that is building an emergency fund.

So this one is a very important step because like it or not everyone faces different types of emergency in life. Take Alex and I are now faced with financial set back because today Alex job laid him off for how long we do not know and I do not return to back to work until the end month because I had surgery last month. So our emergency fund still is not big enough to cover long term job lay off.
So one way that Alex and I are able to make it for at least month well out a lot add stress is because we have cash available in a saving account is were choose to keep the money we prefer not to keep the cash at home with us because it way to easy tempted to spend the cash .

So what a good target number to shoot for when starting an EMERGENCY FUND I have always been told that $1,000 dollars are a good number to shoot for at the start with and as money open up from paying off your debt the more money you be able to add to your Emergency Fund.

So what are some way to start this process :
Start by paying the minimum on all your bills
Start by cutting back on the extra spending ( less eating out, less buying online, etc ) Then at the end of each week take the money for cutting back on these little ways and put in your saving account mark it as an Emergency account.
I know knew a family that decides that they were going to only use their change at the of each day so, by the end of the year, they had over $900 in the jar.
It is ok to start of building the account with very little set aside like $5, $10,$15 it up to you every like bit helps.
The most important thing is to create and implement your emergency fund action plan to take your phone and pull out the calendar and pick the day you would like to start and then make a list of other ways to cut back or make a little extra money for your emergency fund.
Here a little list to help you start cutting back :

  1. Down Grade, your cable service or get rid of it altogether.
  2. Drop any subscriptions you have like gaming, magazine, newspaper etc.
  3. Bring a Brown Bag lunch instead of eating out.
    Are just a few ideas to help you start saving for your emergency fund and during this time you should figure out how much you can save by cutting back for the next three months.
    If you are having a hard time saving your first $1,000 by cutting back on expenses then think about making a list to help you bring in a little extra money.
    1.Run errands or help someone with their to-do list
    2.Donate plasma
  4. Start your own pet sitting business
    4.Rent out your home/room with Airbnb
    5.Drive for Uber or Lyft
    6.Become a freelance writer
  5. Sell your unwanted stuff
    8.Resell items from T.J. Maxx, Ross, and Burlington
    9.Earn cash back for your shopping app like :
    Checkout51 -https:\checkout51.app.link/AGbQtRw8OR is one that I have used for over two years now and feel free to use the above link to sign up.

With the Ibotta app, earning extra cash is as easy as 1-2-3:

Add offers to your account
Buy those items at the grocery store
Upload your receipt
I have used Ibotta for a little over 3 months now so here the link to sign up.

  1. You could also do some babysitting on the side.

So this how my Emergency account journal is set up

                               $1,000 TARGET DATE = December 31 2019 

The expense to cut back on Amount Saved

  1. Cable service is gone $150
  2. Xbox subscriptions are gone x3 $30
  3. Walk more for places around my home town $20
  4. Bag lunch for work. $15
    Total _
    Odd Jobs I could do
  5. Clean so one house for a couple of hours a week
  6. do freelance writing
  7. Babysit for a family
  8. sell some stuff online

So I hope this little writing has been a help at getting you started on the right road to start your emergency fund. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and remember I am always here to help.

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