Wake- Up Call 101

Good afternoon my fellow Millionaire in training I wanted to pick up where I left off on yesterday blog so here is what George and Kelley’s first plan looks like :

George and Kelley’s monthly cash flow plan –

Category Budgeting $ Subtotal

Charitable Gifts $475

Savings $475
Emergency Fund $50
Retirement Fund
College Fund
First Mortgage $1,132
Second Mortgage
Real Estate
Homeowners Insurance $60
Home Repair $100
Replace Furniture $ 50
Other _
Electricity $70
Water $35
Gas for the house $60
Phone $80
Cable $25
Internet $20
Grocery $600
Restaurants $100
Car payment 1 $335
Car payment 2
Oil/ gas for the car $90
Car Insurance $83
License and tags $100
Car Replacement

Children $75
Adults $150
Cleaning/Laundry $65
Disability Insurance
Health Insurance $300
Doctor Bills $80
Dentist $45
Drug $10
Life Insurance $70
Babysitter for Date night $40
Toiletries $50
Cosmetics $20
Hair Care $50
Education/ Adult
School tuition
School Supplies $100
Gifts (Holidays /Birthday) $125
Blow $$$$$ $100
Entertainment $100
Vacation $100


Debt ( $0 you hope )
Visa 1 $24
Visa 2 $10
Mastercard1 $10
Mastercard 2 $145
American Express
Discover Card
Gas Card 1 $83
Gas Card 2
Store Credit Card $120
Finance Company 1
Finance Company 2
Credit line
Student Loan 1
Student loan 2
Other Bank loan $567

Grand total $5,942
-Total Income $4,750
ZERO $1,192

The negative balance means you have to cut back or find ways to earn more .” Twelve hundred dollars in the red ” George exclaimed when and Kelley had complete their budget

“What are they going” to do yelled Kelley
Here the fun part is people are now learning that they have been overspending more then they make when they finally st down to create a budget. If you are like George and Kelley in a predicament, do not panic there is a lot of hope. Instead, take a big breath, calm yourself, and start looking for where you can cut back.
It was not too hard for George and Kelley to figure out how they were getting into this mess : They are carrying $962 month in credit card, and bank payments. ( except for the gas and the department store, the payment under “debt” are their monthly minimums.) Even if they had no debt, however, they would still be overspending (or the underearning around $230).

So they had decided to revise their budget. To help them decide where to reduce their spending they decided to check out http://www.payhip.com/treasuredinkblots and they choose the best ebook that they need to help them pay off their debt

And always check back tommrow for the newest blog I am always here to help make you a Millionaire or Billionaire they choose is your .

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