Living in Spendthrift World

Welcome my Millionaire in Traning friends I want to take much need to break from showing you how to build a budget and maintaining the budget . Today blog is about Living cheap in a spendthrift world .

Making frugal living easy to understand
Helping you decide if frugal living is right for you
Elimating attitudes that cause negativity
Help you change your habits frugal you

Ever notice that you are spending more and more of your hard earn money than you make each month is so easy in a very consumer- driven society. As a cashier I see alot of people pull out the credit card just buy that new television or just to buy the cup of coffee . But they may not remember until the bills have to be repaid at some point unless you are going to be filling for personal bankruptcy which might be a little nice to add to your resume or your credit report .
But trust me on this – you do not want to even go there when I know that you help it!
Here a brilliant you can help it by abandoning your expensive ways and adopting a frugal attitude.
I know that sound like a brilliant idea to you? If so read on I doubt dare you.
What does Frugal Living really mean
What is frugal mean to me I believe it means making the necessary choice to live within your means? It is very simple to answer just live within your means, you help you keep your family from being chain to the consumer debt. Keep in mind that living frugally is not the same as living depressed or miserably every payday. And being frugal is not the same thing as being cheap or a person who dumpster drives.Frugal living is simply being economical in the use of your resources.
Here are a few examples:
Is your house is filled with the lasted electronics- that were purchased at garage sales, thrift stores, or just giving to you by family members.
Does your family dine in a fancy restaurant on special occasions- often with the use of coupons or during the days the kids eat free times?
We see nearly every movie we would like too -By waiting for it hit a cheap movie theater, or changing your entertainment budgat for your movie splurge in the first- run theater (eatting before you go that way your not tempted by the $3.50 sodas and $4.50 bags of popcorn and going early in the day to a discount matinee showing ), or just wait for it to release on dvd or online .
Are you or your children dress in name -brand clothes – So by going to the secord hand store or the clearance racks at your favorite store .
Please never slip into the extremes of saving or even spending money, always remember to find the balance that is going to fit for your family. Remember there is going to be a time that money’s is tight that you are going to feel you have no choice but to master the money game. Then, on the other hand, there is going to be times you need the comfort therapy of eating out with your spouse and remember that it ok not to bring the children and the pressure of being a responsibility of life.
Think of being frugal living as a marriage “To be or not to be ”
“To be or not to be .” I do not believe Hamlet was watching his spending on the gourmet coffees, however living deciding to live the frugal lifestyle in the world of the need to spending a lot.
Here are some reason why you might want or are living a frugal livestyle
Getting out of debt and then staying out of debt
living within or under your means aka (paycheck to paycheck )
Saving for college for your self or your children
Down payment of your dream house
Or saving for your dream vacation
Living through a financial crisis aka (job loss )without losing everything you work for.
But honestly, if you are very happy with the choice you have made in life then screw what the people think about you living a frugal lifestyle.
Honestly many families today, frugal living is no matter of having a choice of not join the much happy world of spreading spree as it more of a matter of survival in this world.
So with the cost of living always going up with the list below never help the family financial problems at all .
So with Job lay-offs
Stagnant wages
The increased cost of living
New automoblie loans
Rocket high housing costs
Day care expenses
Doctor bills and any insurance cost if any
High Utility Bills
Credit card debt
Whether you need or have chosen a frugal lifestyle, living frugally can help you succeed in your money goals and live through financially hard times.
Cutting back and Saving money to meeting your finanical goals
So whatever your personal or family goals may be so by cutting back little on regular expenses will help you free up some money for other valued ideas you have like a vacation next with out need to work that over time or picking up another full time or part- time job just to pay for it , so what is it you can do ?
Here is a no brainer solution is cutting back on your expenses throught out the whole year instead of doing it all at once that way you are able to save the difference for your dream vacation.
(So in the next few chapters you will be able to learn how to set up goals and budgeting advice .)
How to deal with Job lay off’s or low wages and low income
Wouldn’t be a pipe dream if every job decide to provided regular raises, with affordable health insurance coverage other than state insurance , and the cost-of-living increases , but wait for it unfortunately , not all employers are able to provide these benefits for their workers unless your full time but God forbid your part-time like me it even hard to afford benefit without need a little help from the state you live in .
To perfectly honest there is no shame in need a little help from time to time there is only shame when it because of a way of life for you in your family by staying stuck in the cycle of being in the low-income cycle.
So setting goals to cutting back on personal and family-related expenses you just may be able to live within your means, even when the cost of living does and will creep higher than our paychecks every week.
So for example, if you are spending $800 a month on food to feed your family and you think about it this way if you just the $800 in half you could give your family a $400 dollar raise a month.
Did I just make your heart skip a beat I know what you are thinking right now it not possible at the moment in time? So in a few chapters, there will be more information on how to make this happen.
In today society there are some families with values of having a stay at home parent while their children are young. But in today society it very needed to have two full-time parents working just afford the rent or mortgage and their basic needs of life.
So by tightening your money belt and keeping the truth to your personal goals, so your dream of having a stay at home parent can become a reality for your family.
O Shit I just lost my Job now what am I going to do
So you just find out that you or your spouse just lost your job which is going to be very devastating for any family. So this going to matter a lot worse , so many family are living so close to the edge financially that even for a short amount of time without work can be and will be enough to send there entire house in a take spin and even a put your already house in a foreclosure of your apartment in an eviction notice and that not even think about the whole thought about that dreadful utility bills that you are barely able to afford each month let alone be able to afford it while not working right now .
So drastically reduceing spending plan for you and your family could mean a big difference between you drowning under the amount of debt and staying a float while wait for the current financial crisis is over .
So even if you have not lost your job, which is a good thing for you and your family so by discovering how to start living frugally can help you build up that money cushion that will carry you and you and your family through any unexpected downturns in your family money cushion.
Are you living a lifestyle that’s beyond your means?
Do you have all the new clothes, all the newest electronics, cars/trucks and eating out just because your favorite credit card is maxed out?
Like it or not Financing is an expensive lifestyle on credit may be possible, but it just may be the best choice you ever made in your life because you will eventually reach the end of your credit limits and the dreadful time come to a bill.
It amazing idea to reduce your debt load no matter how well you may be balancing your payments.
So I believe that you should set aside a reasonably frugal budget, evaluate your spending habits by just tracking your expenses just for a whole month just so you don’t miss any payment you may quarterly like health insurance or college payments, so by making a plan to get out of debt as soon possible and yes I will explain some budgeting tactics in chapter 3 .
You should never think that a budget or spending plan is not meant to be a financial prison. So by taking the time to think carefully through your regular expense and by planning ahead, you see that staying on track financially is not nearly as hard as it seems at first glance. Right
Adjusting your Bad attitudes
I am sure that you can think of the number reason for reasons for starting and living frugally, but in order never to feel deprives or discourage all the time you should check your attitude. So let’s say you feel sad and depressed each and every time you go to the mall or local shopping center to buy expensive pair of pants or you just need that Samsung galaxy s8 etc which can only mean that contentment is going to be a struggle for you.
So here we are going to take a turn for a very uncomfrontable talk and please feel free at any point to skip over but we need to look at is our relationship with God or higher power if you know what I mean and no I am going to sit here and preach to you about it but from time to time you will see me use a bible verses only because I truey feel he is the reason for all the blessing I have gotton over the years .
1 Timothy 6:6-12 But godliness with contentment is a great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. But you, a man of God, flee from all this and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
Now I am saying you don’t need to run over to the nearest church and jump right in but part of putting your life under construction is trying something new because our way of doing thing just was not working right so why not give God or Higher power Chance what could it really hurt.
So by focusing on the benefits of living within your means and knowing that you are not truly alone in this journey and believe me this journey has been `hard.
So allow your self to focus on the littlest blessing you have like being able to feed your children at the end of “` week or paying a bill on time or having that one week where everything was good and nothing need to repair or you didn’t miss work all those are a blessing.
As you start to retain your attitude your eyes will start to see that frugal life under construction is more satisfying than the excessive personal debt who I believe is more like the devil in way because if you truly think about it for a moment your personal debt is always having control over you right and making feel blue and unhappy in your life .
And I know that everyone has there own thoughts about the Devil but he does the same thing in the way he always taking your life away from and feeding off the fact that you have lost control in the area of your life. He keeps taking from and keeps you down.
So how do we fix this you may let start by Cleaning out the devil contentment thieves who work for him because discontentment is an illness that infects everyone life every day.
Take a minute to look around your life to see where these little devils are hiding. I have found that love to hide in the glossy photos of the perfect home on yesterday magazine cover which in fact the moment you start to look and dream about wanting that style house you start to feel dissatisfied with your own home?
Yes I know that feeling all to well because here a little secret about me I was in the process of buying a home and for years that I dream about was paying it off so in December 2016 I had lost my home I was buying for reason out of control and now I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with no room at all but I remember always want a better home .
So what I did was take the magazine and allow the children to make stuff out of it and cancel my subscription and I stay away from the website that is designed to sell homes.
So by getting rid of whatever the devil contentment thieves are throwing at you fight back by throw magazine away. recycle it, cancel its subscription to everything that makes you feel in discontentment.
Discontentment Devils do not just happen at home they also hide in public places like shopping malls or your favorite restaurant that way you buy the thing that you will later regret getting. I wish I could sit here and tell you that it going to be easy but that would be lying to you so when you feel you are ready to get rid of the Devil disscontentment thieves you will then take about control of your life and then you start to feel the happiness within your means and you start to see the blessing of the saving of the untold dollars in the process.
No room for a pity party
OMG, your best friend Chuck just brought a new 2019 Ford F-450 and you are still driving your 1995 Ford 150 you are brought 10 years ago.
So you can just say, “That Nice” or you’re can be a smart ass and say ” I am happy for you to chuck but I bet that come with a nice monthly payment ” and just leave it at that. Remember never go home and have a pity party, whinning and bitching about what you had to sacrifices just so you can live with in your means.
Hebrews 12:5 So don’t feel sorry for yourselves. Or have you forgotten how good parents treat children, and that God regards you as his children? My dear child, don’t shrug off God’s discipline but don’t be crushed by it either.
Hebrews 12:7 God is educating you; that’s why you must never drop out. He’s treating you as dear children. This trouble you’re in isn’t punishment; it’s training.
So with that being said never let the devil have the control.
Think about this for a second if you set a goal to keep a positive goal every day. That way instead of seeing your choice to put your Life Under construction a frugal living as something you have to do like doing the dish or folding the laundry. ( “The POOR ME”) (“I am so broke!”), attitude.
Try to see Life Under construction a frugal living as a choice a decision you made because you have future goals or to help live your dream lifestyle.
What has to help me along the and it helps that I love to write so I started to keep track of the thing in my life that I am very thankful for. Here a part of the list that I thankful for
Thank you, Lord, for the meal I could afford today
Thank you, Lord, another day on this earth
Thank you, Lord, for my children
Thank you, Lord, for the ability to pay my bills this month
Thank you, Lord, for my home today
So during the time that life may difficult and believe me, there will be times when you’re going to be tested so by pulling out your list of Blessing that way you can really improve our attitude.
What when did my money supply get a limit
So I remember saying that whenever I get paid, “I am only rich for day yay!” Will a couple of hundred dollars in your bank account make you feel like you are RICH— But then reality hit me and I write the rent check or mortgage payment out at the start of the month and I pay my other bills.
There go my riches. It never really sank into my head that my money had a limit.
My problems like so many people I was spending my paycheck on games and fun during the start of the month and the only downfall is that it never left much to pay my debt never mind buying food and saving for emergencies later on. You need to keep in mind that your money does have a limit, and do not think that the rich people money does not have a limit because it does too because we should never act like there is never-ending supply of money , what I had found that easy for me is sticking to written budget (which I will cover in next few chapters), always keeping in mind your the long- term financial goals, and being to able realize that your desire to have fun and have the worthwhile has not been all that important now has it .
Being able to regain control on the financial problems in your home you be able to pick and choose which goals are the very most important to you and by being able to say “no” or we needed to wait to a lot lesser goals so they way they dont have a chance to eat you up your budget .
Yes I did it my chain is broken I have no more credit card debt
As I said earlier I work as a cashier for a big store so I see a lot of people that choose to use their credit cards and I have this thought about if they understand that they just gave the credit card company all power and control.
Before you even ask I do know the pain and frustration of having excessive debt first hand and if I had known back then that debt would catch up to me so quick but it was like a brick hitting me.
The panic is always setting because debt will eat up any future goals and limit all the choice you have for life.
News flash the Debt prison of excessive debt will never give you time off for good behavior!
So by working really hard at not allowing your self to fall future into debt, and making goals to live frugally or just under your means, and working really hard to break the chain that is holding on to you.
Think about how exciting it to think about how much money you be able to save or being able to take that dream vacation without guilt when you no longer need to pay all those credit cards.
Here is a simple prayer that has helped me through some of my struggles.
Prayer for strength and guidance
Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.
Please show me which way to turn.
Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.
Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.
May I feel strength rising up within my heart.
Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.
I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,
Or what I decide to do.
Your journey with me always.
Remember that you are in control of how you want to run your Life Under Construction.
Can I find peace and freedom with having a budget
Let take a few minutes and think about what comes to mind when you hear the word Budget?
For me, I use to think it meant having to look at ledger pages with a lot of columns of cold facts or pie charts which can leave you to feeling very confining and very overwhelming.
But you know what I discovered is that with discipline and being confinement of having a budget has been able to free me from being chain to the hand of consumer debt and bills that we are having trouble paying on time.
Having a budget isn’t just for people who are financially irresponsible think about it as more as a very valuable tool that is able to help live within your means and is designed to help you gain and maintain control and to make a smart choice about your money.
As you become a wise budgeter which will include somewhat I call Blow money which is money you are allowed to spend on anything you want and by remembering that having a budget isn’t your prison; your debt is. In the next few chapters, we talking about how to set up a budget and keeping a reasonable budget.
What I need to say No to impulse spending
So let talk about what impulse spending is and what it means that way you have an idea of how to have control of the impulse spending.
Impulse Spending means-is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase.
So have you ever stop and notice in the store that you decide to stop just for that $3.33 gallon of milk and then when you finally make it home it dong on you that you spent $20 more then you wanted to.
Well, I need to say welcome to the not-so -wonderful world of impulse spending.
I have some very good news for you no matter what your spending impulse is, you can still resist the marketing and all the sale tactics that are designed to separate you and your hard earn money by making a few simple changes :
Start by going to a “cash only” basis for your budgeting. Here is an example when I decide to go food shopping, I decide to shop with cash because it helps limit the amount I can spend and it helps keep me on track with my budget. Which is the main goal right. I also don’t bring my entire food budget with me at one time, because I may be tempted to spend the money impulsively. So I decide in advance how much I am going to spend and I am in control of the limit to that amount. If I’m overspending I an able to put things back or shop for a less expensive brand.
Also think about cutting back on buying expensive snacks and gourmet coffees at work and this one is really easy to do all you need to do is bring from home or less expensive brand. We discuss more this later in the chapter.
Shopping from a list for everything from food to clothing to your holiday gifts. Always keep the list and do not give in to that devil called temptation to buy that item that is enticing that is not on your list.
So keeping your trips to the store into one weekly trip. If you think about it this way you start saving money by using less gas because you are not running all over town, and it always helps you stay away from impulse buying that is always loom every time you enter the store.
By stopping after every purchase and ask yourself, “is this something I want or something I truly need?” So if you not in true need and money is very tight, don’t make a purchase this time. But if you really feel you need it then you need to make sure you get it for the best deal possible or see if it was possible to wait until the items go on sale or you can find it on a discounted store. Make sure you give your self 24 hours of thinking it over before making a purchase over $15 dollars.
I can do this resisting the impulse purchases on the job
The most common budget problem that often is not seen is buying snacks and drinks at work rather than bringing them home. So let try to do some math by adding add up some amount we possible spend on these items.
Getting that cup of coffee on the way to work=$4.00
Mid morning coffee refill=$3.00
Lunch order in at work =$6.00
Snack cart or refill coffee =$2.00
A bottle of soda and a bag of the chip for the ride home =$2.00
Holy crap that about $15.00 down the drain just in one day, and that because I am assuming that it a really cheap lunch.
So by spending $15.00 dollars, a day five days a week for one month, that is $300.00 out of your monthly budget just for snacks and lunches for only you – and that about $3,600 a year!
I do not know about you but that car payment or insurance payment. Now multiply that between to you and spouse that decide to eat out in the workplace and looking at that number alone almost make it enough to need a part-time job a necessary.
Now, let us compare the cost of bringing the same items from home ;
bring a home lunch to work =$2.00
Bring a snack from home (pretzel or apple) =$.50
Bring a can or bottle of soda with you for the drive home ( purchased in bulk that on sale ) =.$.50
So by bringing your own food and snack from home cost you just over $3.00 a day and about $100.00 a month ( double that for you and your spouse ) a month, which is about one-fourth of what you part when buying the stuff about at work or during the commute.
Setting Goals, setting up budgets, and having decent financial habits
So let take a moment to talk about not knowing what your financial goals are is like taking a road trip with out a GPS but if you drive long enough you’ll end up somewhere—but I have this feeling it may not be where you wanted it to be. So keep this in the back of your mind that not all destination are not created equal, whether your planning on taking a vacation or plan for long- term life goals ( I promise you we will talk about setting financial goals in the next chapter ).
So take this time to sit down and talk about your family financial goals and your family’s financial goals long -term goals now its time to think about setting up s budget. Yes, I know what you are thinking it more of a pain setting up your budget, but trust me on this issue living with a budget does not need to feel like your in a straightjacket.
In chapter 3 we will touch the basic budgeting information which is design to help you evaluate your current financial problems and its design to help set up reasonable budgets so that you can free yourself from the bondage of debt and start living the life you truly want.
So once your budget is in place and has your goals in mind, as you work really hard to control your spending by allowing your self to adopt good, frugal spending habits. Here are some helpful health habits you may try to instill into your finacial life :
Keep track of your checkbook register yes there are some people that still use them you can use the same idea to help keep track of debit/credit purchases. I use to find that before long I didn’t have any more money in my account to pay the bills.
By keeping a record of all your money you are spending throughout the day, no matter how tiny the purchase is ( coffee, newspaper, soda, cigarettes, gum etc ) By writing down all your spending it helps you see where all your money is going. It also helps you to see if you are spending on impulse purchase and then you can and be able to say “yes” or “no” to over spending.
Never pull out the credit card for every purchase. Here a really good idea leave your credit card, checkbook, debit at home unless you are traveling a long distance.
Avoid carrying a lot of cash unless you really need it. Because the most more cash, you have on hand the more tempted you are to spend it. Unless I’m grocery shopping with cash ( to limit the amount to spend), I hardly ever carry more than $10 cash on me unless I am food shopping.
Setting up a Blow account is a small fund of money where you are allowed to spend on whatever one wants to. So basically you are giving yourself an allowance. Check with your local bank to see if they have the free checking account that you can sit up and use for blow money. If they have an account they have a little amount of deposit from your pay check in that account. But if you are only using the cash-only budgeting system, then have a special envelope for your “allowance.”
Also, allow a small amount of your paycheck directly into your saving account and leave in there. Put allowing your self to put a little money into a saving right off the top you are less likely to spend it.
So if you start by allowing your self to change one goal at a time, you can turn your entire financial world around in a very shortly about time. But just remember with all new habit it takes some time to become stuck in our brain.
A lot of people do not remember that part about new habits which makes it a little more difficult than it really needs to be because they never allow them self enough time to for the change to stuck and please do not try and make to many changes all at once.
What I found that work for me was I did one change every 1 goal every month that way in 12 month period you have made 12 charges with out the add stress and the strain.
Let kill the personal budget killing debt habits
As a cashier I see a lot of people who are smokers which is also not so good for health but hey everyone has bad habits right .
Let take a moment and just imagine what life is going to be like if you quit smoking I know that sound a lot easier then it is, I know that you may want to really think about quitting because have you ever just look at what it does for your budget and if money is already tight and having difficult to survive financially from month to month . Cigarettes prices are alway changing in price no matter the location but if we estimate the average cost is about $8.00 per pack, this is about $248.00 a month going up in smoke.
They are other bad habits like regular drinking, gambling, purchase collectibles, recreational shopping also can cause untold damage to your family’s budget if you do these things all the time and very impulsively.
So if you start think about find less expensive hobbies and free activities and if that does not work for you then try putting those activities on a budget amount each month , you’ll be able to live your means .
Time to get the family on aboard
Are you the only person in your family who is making sure that your family pennies are not slipping through there hands.
You may think about keeping a budget seem impossible.But with a little hard work from everyone in the family you too can have your dream for financial freedom, can you imagine to bring your spendthrift spouse or peer-pressured teen all in line with a budget. We will cover how to get non-frugal family members in chapter 2.
So let introduce your family to the joys—and dramatic savings!–available through shopping at all those second-hand store lawn sale or garage sales and other reduce price location where they can find the best deals. In chapter 16 we talk about secondhand shopping.
What are some ways you can be frugal in every area of your life
You will see that there is going to some area of your everyday life that is going to be easier to cut back on than others, I know this part going to be a little harder but the effort to cut back a little every where , trust me you see fast results and a lot healthier bank account too!
Here’s a quick list of some frugal living basics for life general (I discussed these topics in more detail later in the book ):
Cut back on food-related expenses- Going to the store a few time a day or the drive-through and the panicked calls for pizza delivery that all add up to a big financial disaster for any one budgets. So what do we do when life is so busy and your running in fifteen different directions all at once, you need some quick and very easy ways to save money and dinner on the table without breaking the bank.In the next few chapters, you see tips on cheap meals and how to avoid the market traps.
Keeping a very tight lease on kids related expenses – When people get married, they often believe the two of them can live as cheaply as one, which can be true with a little hard work but what happens when you become three or four of you, watch out! Frugal living becomes very difficult but also a lot more of a need for survival of the family when there are kids involved. There are diaper and formula to designer clothes and school dances, the cost alone of raising children is a challenge in itself to the frugal plan that their parents set up. In chapter 7 and 8 for a lot more money saving tips on kids related expenses.
Cutting back on gift giving – Let face it there is going to be the time when we need to buy someone a gift for whatever the reason. So how do you handle the family that always gives the best gifts around the holidays? What works for me was explaining that your family has been a challenge to cut back on money expense thought out the year. If that does not work then suggest to your family about just buying for the kids or try drawing names out of the hat, or try exchanging “family” gifts that everyone in the households can use together rather thank giving everyone there own gift. You also may find out that they too want to learn how they can save a little money too.
Keep the up keeps of everyday life in a budget – Wheater you’re keeping up with a home , car or just your self do with in a budget.
Wise and frugal when investing in a big- ticket items- Even for the frugal family needs to even spend money on something expensive items ie a house, car, vacation, college education, the newest cell phones. Even the most experience frugal plans can be set off by a single mistake with anyone of these high price ticket items.

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