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Good afternoon my fellow Millionaire in training today blog is going to talk about the link between depression, suicide, and personal finance. I KNOW that most people do not think that having money problems can lead to suicide but in people that are already mentally ill or have a history of being depressed or suicidal. A little more about my family I have an uncle about seven ago who attempt suicide and it fails because he lived from the gunshot to his head when he wakes up his word I will never forget ” I tried to Kill myself because I could not afford to feed my wife and kids ” Those words change my life for good .

It was December of 2007 when the great recession started and it was hard for everyone it but it seems really difficult for the middle-aged people.

Well according to a recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, adults 40 and 64 suicide rates had climbed to about 40 percent since 1999, it really started to climb in 2007 the study had found that there’s was economic factors like job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other financial mishaps were listed in 37.5 percents of the age group’s suicides in 2010 that means it was up from 33 percent in 2005.

The guy in this picture is safe and alive he was bring awareness of the possible ways some would go to commitee suicide . And No I do not think suicide is a joking matter every life matter.

One thing that the researcher had noticed was the category of financial circumstances had rose over time among the middle age compared to people in my age group which is mid thirty’s and this raised seem to happen right at the moment in time when the 2007 recession was at it’s highest.

The same study found the method choice was suffocation which is a common method used in suicides related to a professional, financial or even among the legal factors that rose the suicide attempts to nearly 60 percent between 2005 and 2010.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine conducted the study collecting from analysis of the National Violent Death Reporting System which is a database they used to examine the individual circumstance surrounding violent death in the U.S. The information was gathered from coroner’s report, though toxicology reports, law enforcement records, like the supplemental homicide reports and death certificates.

National Violent Death Reporting System split the suicide circumstances into 3 main categories :
1- personal – which accounted for depression
2- substance abuse or other mental health-related factors; interpersonal, which included problems with friends or romantic partners;
3-external, which factored in struggles with jobs, school, work or money.

It also noted various indicators, or clues, that were related to suicide planning.
What is interesting about the data was that it actually gives you information about the person individual suicides. The family is next of kin were reporting to the investigators that yes there family member did have some kind of job loss or there home was in the proceeding of foreclosure.

So here the next talk about the complexity of suicide, mental health experts say there is a hybrid of genetics, life events, and a lot of environmental stressors. Depression or other psychiatric conditions are often present as well.

I would never doubt that there are external factors that can influence anyone to commit suicide but there a lot fact that play in a roll of there choice to commit suicide already having a mental illness make do not help when there is a major crisis that set them back.

So that same study did confirm that personal factors with a history of mental health issues were present in 81 percent of the case studies.

However, in the past research has a link that the suicide rate has tended to rise with a state unemployment rate.

In 2007 they believe the increase in the suicide rates were partly related to the crash of the economy although just because a percentage of people decide to commit suicide over the economy that does not explain account for the others longstanding trends that contributed to overall 40 percent increase in rates among the middle age people.

According to some of my family friends, the midlife is a hard time for them because it filled with stress and our vulnerability to financial difficulties their hardship is there still trying to work until retirement which means there supporting themselves as well family member and they have a lot of responsibilities.

So you can now you imagine the impact the great recession would have a more impact on people in there midlife than people at total different period of time.

There are studies suggesting that middle-aged have a higher rate of clinical depression and a lower reported level of life satisfaction but could be related by financial problems.

Money problems like losing your job or losing your home are a really major stressor for middle-age adults.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts and need immediate help coping, please call emergency services such as 911, 999 or a suicide hotline:

In the United States: call 1-800-273-TALK, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline[1]
In the United Kingdom: call 116 123, the Samaritans helpline[2] or 0800 068 41 41, the HOPELineUK
The International Association for Suicide Prevention has a directory of international suicide prevention hotlines here, and so does Befrienders Worldwide here.

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