Buying Food without going Broke

So let me ask you a really important question do you know what the average American family spends on their groceries bill every month?
According to the most recent study from 2013 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household will spend about 10% of their total budget on their food budget. The average food cost in the U.S. was $6,602 in 2013.
So if you stop and think about this for a second someone in your family is shopping a lot more then once a week or twice a month. So with that many trips to the store, there are a lot of opportunities from the store to be able to market there product in there because they’re in business to make money. I mean it does make a lot of sense right with enticing you with the latest and the newest gadgets.

I mean supermarkets are in the business to make money because they have learned to that we as human being and free thinkers are taught right from birth how to be impulse spending or savvy about the buying tendencies , the weakness, and temptations of the average shopper, and that why the most single and important money-saving tips that I can share is impulse purchase (or buying more than you intend when you just go to the store for one or two things)
Impulse buys can and will drive that quick trip to the local store for the milk and end egg into a $30.00 experience complete with the newest excise clothes.
So in this chapter, I will do my best to explain how can avoid falling prey to the impulse purchase and how you will able to combat the common budget- breaking traps and the pitfall at the store.
Gimmicks and tricks at the grocery store and how to avoid them
See before I start to learn about budgeting and living to be frugal I did not know that the very grocery store I was shopping at had spent lots of money on learning how to fool us into with hard-earned money in there. So whether it’s enticing you into the store in the first place with sale items that are being sold way until the price that the store paid for them, or is it convincing you that you need to buy the more expensive items , it going to be a lot more helpful if you are aware of these tactics.


Ever notice when you walk into the local grocery store and then you realize that the store has done the whole switcheroo on you and everything you usually purchase is not where it usually is, if that the case you are experiencing a common grocery store gimmick or more commonly known as a scheme for ticking us into spending money you wouldn’t really be spending otherwise .
Yes, I know your grocery store does and will move items around the store just to make you feel confused and unable to find anything.
So, are willing to understand the method behind their madness? It happens to the best of us when we shop at the same store we develop a form of tunnel vision and we do not see anything except what we want or need. But what happens when your favorite store decide to rearranges the aisles or decide to moves the items from one spot on the shelf to another spot on the shelf? The worst part is that you need to really start looking around and paying attention and looking at all the items on the shelf. By the storing doing this it helps us lose our tunnel vision for a time, at some time the store is opening your eyes to a lot more possibility of something new that is catching your eyes which are increasing the dramatically hoping your impulse purchase will be there too.
Always avoid making impulse purchases and sending your food bill through the roof so by faithful to yourself when it comes to sticking your shopping list.
Now, this is not going to be easy so if your notice your store is going through a major overhaul and rearranging everything on the ‘; shelves, and being aware that the impulse buys are lurking around while shopping.
The fix is going to be a little harder but by turning on your tunnel vision and beware! No going to be easy so when temptation is around you by saying a little prayer before you entering any store here is a prayer.

Psalm 71
1 In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;
let me never be put to shame.
2 In your righteousness, rescue me and deliver me;
turn your ear to me and save me.
3 Be my rock of refuge,
to which I can always go;
give the command to save me,
for you are my rock and my fortress.
4 Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked,
from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel.
Is the one that helps me at times.
Let talk about the understanding of a store ‘s layout
Have you ever decide to run into a store after work to buy gallon milk and maybe a dozen eggs to have for breakfast the next day, you are wondering as to why you need to walk all the back into the back of the store just fine those items. Well here is the answer: Most of the grocery stores have the same general floors plans – they keep produce, bread, dairy, and meat products along the edges of the store or up against the walls. That means that oftentimes the store put the most commonly used items against the farthest walls off in the back corner. Store marketers know that if a customer has to walk to the back of the store for one item, they are passing a lot more displays and shelves full of other goodies.
Customers are always walking past attractive displays in the local food store which is always encouraging the manager favorite activity: Impulse Buying!
Here is a way to stop most your impulse buys to put stay aware of aimless wandering through the store.
So by planning your menu and shopping list around the items against the store walls, and then plan for a single quick trip down each of the following aisles :
The freezer aisle for frozen juice
The pasta aisle for things like elbows pasta or other pasta needs
The baking aisle for your flour, baking soda, cooking etc
the cereal aisle for your breakfast items but this is where you need to remember not too impulsive spend on name brand cereals and this impulse gets worst as we shop with our children.
Here is a nice tip by plan your shopping trip around the aisle arrangement in the store and you will not be as tempted to buy those donuts that were not on the shopping list. Here is a funny I sometimes can hear that donut as they sit there, there ever so softly calling my name “buy me, buy me, eat me, eat me. ”
So when you shop the edges of the store, you will find that your saving a lot on food bill over time do not think that you going to start saving thousands of dollars your first tip not going to happen right off but if you are very patient you see the result and you start seeing that you will not be as tempted by the donut case and another tip is the outside of the store carries the fresh and healthy items .
Trust me your waistline and your budget will be healthier on a diet consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats than just eating potato chips, box dinners, and processed meats.
Escaping the store with money in your wallet
So have you ever notice a unbelieve prices on something in a store flier that seems really too good to be true, well chance are you’re looking at what’s called a loss leader, these are the items that the store sell at (or below), the wholesale price they paid for those items.
The store will advertise this product for essentially zero profit to them just to entice the new customer into there store for the drastically reduced items, and they will all hope the store wants to keep you as a customer while you are browsing around, giving in to a couple of impulse purchases.
So most customers believe usually try to do all there shopping at these store in the store eyes there hoping you give in to your impulse to want to spend more money in their store which you’re bringing your entire grocery budget that week into the store with highest discounts.
These stores are willing to take this loss on selected items because there thought are there willing to recoup the loss through higher sales in the general due to the increased traffic.
See supermarkets are more likely to offer more loss lenders at a much deeper discount than a convenience store and this is because supermarkets offer a larger selection of items which is means sell higher volumes of goods.
Here is a tip for where to find some of the deals you should always check the back and front of the sale ads and circular sections. You also can find the loss leaders splashed all across the reader boards or signs on the store.
There are times when a store will match a competitor’s prices if the customers bring in the ad or the flier with the competitor’s prices displayed. With this option, I would check with the store itself to make sure that it part of the store policy first.
It sounds a little fun but even another store can even reap the benefits of a loss leader if your store has a price matching policies. If this is the case you be finding an awesome deal with the added stress of driving around to different stores to get better prices, you’ll save even more.
So the key to a successful advantage of a loss leader is never let them take advantage of you is to not give in to the temptation.
Stopping at several different stores to take advantage of their loss leaders, is to be very careful about your impulse buys. So if you are stopping in for a couple of cans of soup and you walk out the store with $20 worth of holiday decorations that are not for sale, is never a good way to save your or your family hard earn money.
Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of the loss-leader savings
So a lot of loss leader will have a limit on the number of items you can buy at the discount or coupon prices, so have a great opportunity to take the family to the store with you. “Here is an idea send Jakob your teenage and your 12-year-old Keegan in their own line with some of there loss leader items ” By doing this it will allow them to feel grown up and you save additional dollars but remember to keep watch to make sure there is no mistake in price. Make sure you read the fine print about the sales because if it says “one per household,” si buy sending in the troops is not the honest way to save a few pennies. But remember your in control of the shopping trip it all up to you.
You can also make multiple trips to the store to stock up on the loss leader. So if your walking or jogging by the store just duck into the store each day. This is because you do not want to make to many trips to the store with the car because it cost more in gas and the goal is to save money but if you are going by just go in and stock up.
So if you are going to the store and know the store is having a major loss leader market down do that shopping first and you can choose to do the regular shopping at any store of your choosing that offer you the best deals.
You should never consider a loss of leader a reason to splurging. A good rule of thumb is to stock up on items you can reasonably store and use. So having a six-year supply of toothpaste is kinda overkill because it does have an expiration date on it. So make sure you check the expiration date on any loss of leader item as well as regular purchase items. A lot the time the loss leader is trying to sell these items that getting near there expiration date and the store is trying to clear off their shelves before the “sell-by” date arrives. So remember that everything from toothpaste to soda they all have expiration dates, so always check the labels carefully before buying items with too-good-to-be-true price tags.
The High and low of finding the perfect deals on the shelves – So if you are like most people, you will first notice the items at your eye level, because marketing experts are very well educated in human behavior, they are more in tune to eye-level tendency we all have even though we do not really even know that we are doing so to be true that is why all store displays the most eye-catching item on the eye level .
So here something I just learn a few months ago is that store are putting the brand name and higher- priced product on the eye level shelf in the hope that you will have the impulse to buy while they hope you never seem to notice that the generic, store band which are lower in price are in more awkward place to see . Like the top shelf where you need a ladder to reach.
Coupons and Rebates – In today world the Sunday paper and the internet is full of coupons from food to shampoo to diapers. I know what you think you saw the people who paid only $.63 for a month supply of food. I could only wish I was that good but let face the truth we are a way to busy to do super- colossal coupon or the rebate system , but I’m always on lookout for a good bargain, and yes I do use coupons and rebates to a very valuable resource to my approach to saving money .
The mix feeling about coupons- I was talking to a cashier just the other day and she said to me that she really scan more than one coupon depending on the day. Most people like myself who want to learn and saving money will use a coupon at the food store , but then there is talk about what the point of cut and clipping coupon for only a $.25 of tomato paste isn’t going to be much of saving on the food bill, but if you make a habit of looking carefully through Sunday paper and looking online for the coupons, for the saving on the items and the brand you use , so if you curb your thinking because the pennies and dime really do add up to a good saving over time – it could add up to hundreds of dollars over a course of a year .
One tip that I have for you is the fact you need to be organized about the process which the more you stick with it the easier it becomes because if you think about it this way that every coupon you have and cannot locate is cash slipping through your fingers.
So if you only using a few coupons then be on the lookout for the coupon folder at any lawn sale or second-hand store or the local Walmart because it going to pay for itself in the long run.
Make sure you go through your coupon folder at least once a month unless you’re like me and attempt to plan my menu around the weekly coupons.
The reason I suggest once a month is because coupon due expired and for the more experience couponer their binder are organizer by month day and group like dairy, bread, frozen, fresh, breakfast etc you get the point. And by knowing when the coupon expired is easy just toss them out.
Knowing when to couponing -So by knowing your area that you shop in you should know if the store you shop at allow you to double your coupons or even triple the coupon, even the coupons competitors or top of there own in-store saving.
So here is an example if you have a $1.00 off a $3.00 dollar item and take to a store on the triple coupon day. So if you think about it you just got that item for free. FREE is a really difficult price to beat if you know what I mean. But you need to remember that on double and triple coupon days the store a limit items per a coupon. For example, the store may only honor a $.50 cent off coupon this day so be aware of any limitations. Also, you need to be aware that this store that does offer double and triple coupon also jack up the prices to cover the lost.
So only buy the discounted coupon items and then get out of the store and do the rest of the shopping at a different store.
Coupons are awesome, but they’re not always the best deal at the food store. Here a good example, sale prices without a coupon are often a lot less pricey than brand-name items with a coupon. But if you are finding that your family prefers to eat name brand food then the coupon is worth it because you get to enjoy the favorite brand of food and also get to use the coupon to save a little money at the same time.
So here is what I found to be a little easier for me is when I am shopping and I have my list in front of me I will try and look for sale item that I have coupon for because in all truth you save twice as much money at the check out line unless the coupon state that can’t be combined with any other offer and make sure you read the coupon and make sure the limitations.
Also knowing when not to coupon- You sure never buy items just because you have a coupon. So here is an example of what if you find a coupon for $1.50 off a cereal that you or your family has never eaten before. So it is simple you be wasting money this if you know what I mean because if the cereal is just going to sit on the shelf for a year.
Keep this in the back of your mind that the manufacturer provides these coupons in the hope to entice you to buy their product; they do not care if your saving money.
So along with the same lined, do not plan your shopping list around the coupon like I do because I suggest you make up a stood food list of what I use for a month and then I look at my collect book to see what I have for a coupon for the item on my list.
So when I first started to put my life Under Construction it was a mess because here is an example of what I was buying to eat tuna skillet meal boxes, instant oatmeal single serving but I learn to skip them because it a lot cheaper to make it homemade and a lot healthier for you and the family rather then buying prepackaged item at the store, even with a coupon . In the next chapter, we are talking about healthier alternatives to store-bought goods that you choose the ingredients yourself.
Having Fun with Rebating and for-profit – Did you Know that there are people in the world that believe that rebating is fun and is to be a hobby, not just a money-saving.
I believe it the thrill of hunting for those elusive rebate chances, the process of filling out the and sending in the form, and the high of receiving the refund check in the mail which to them is fun. Do not get me wrong doing a rebate can be a really good idea on large ticket items like washers machine or dryers, kitchen items or sometimes vehicles.
For me rebating is far more work then I want to put in. But in order to participate in rebates on a large scale, you need to have a very well thought out organized way to keep track of your forms. proof of purchase materials, keep track of your receipts.
You know you just might be one of those people who love to play the rebate lottery.
O my word I forgot to explain to you how to how does rebate work. So let say you just brought the newest smart t.v. that was adversite+, the manufacturer will send you $15 back your original purchase price. WOW! What amazing deal !!
So in order to receive your rebate, you require you to fill out a rebate form and mail in with proof of purchase materials usually your receipt and your UPC code barcode to the manufacturer.
There are ti,e when a store will offer a store credit rather than money back from the manufacturer.
Sometimes a store will offer their loyal customers loyalty cards and who does not like saving money trust me your budget will like it. But you need to keep in mind that you should not use store credit as an excuse to buy the thing you normally wouldn’t purchase. Just remember the store does not care if you are trying to save money there are trying to entice you into spending money.
Let count some way to save money- So there are countless ways that are the quick and easier way to save on your food bill. The next few sections we are going to talk about changes to how you are thinking about your food shopping can bring major benefits at the checkout.
In-store Specials- – So sometimes you see in the store that there doing a current in-store special you know this by there lastest flier that the store sends out. So in addition to getting a flyer from the store, you can get a copy from the local newspaper.
But do not worry about taking the flier with you to the store because the store will make sure you have the special displayed on what they called bulletin board is often displayed at the entrances.
Many stores also display the special on the shelve below the product that is on sale.
Remember while the cashier is ringing up your order at the checkout line and then all of a sudden your item is not ring in the right amount and trust me on this because I am ex-cashier `and I remember there were a good many time where my customer would get upset over the fact the item was not wrung in right but the truth is it not the cashier fault all the time she or he might of hit the wrong button or maybe it not that what if it was an error in the system and the correct price was not typed into the system.
But just be respectful toward the cashier because they are doing everything in their power to fix the problem even if it means there to call someone else over.
Some stores also will offer a discount for senior citizens or discount for the military personnel and their family.
So there may be a store that has a special day where they offer a special discount for senior citizens.
So if you have a mom and dad or grandparents that in there senior citizens make sure you help them find out if there is a store that offers this.
So here is a warning that I notice you’re in the store and at the end of each aisle you will notice that the store has a very interesting approve to placing on there display which is called end caps. But beware! That there a current special on pasta may be an excellent price, but you need to look very closely at the fact that the cheese and the sauce that on the shelve with the pasta is not on sale this is because the store is trying there hardest to get your impulse so you buy the high priced items .
Seasonal Sales and advantage -You know this is going to be a little more confusing because I sitting here writing and I just learn a few months ago that there are seasonal sales at the regular time of the year. For example, March is National Frozen Food month in the United State. See unless you work in the food trade you would not know this because I did not know it until a friend told me who work in the department.
So how does the store celebrate this event, they offer significant discounts on frozen foods during the month of March.
So throughout the rest of the year, other food items are seasonally offered at discount prices. The lower prices usually are because what’s currently growing at the local farms.
Keep in mind that fruit and vegetables that aren’t in season you can still be found in the produce department, but the price is higher because the stores needed to pay for higher shipping costs for just importing the food from other regions.
So after doing some research, this is what I found out what in the season the whole year.
January- Turkey, apples, grapefruit, orange, and pears.
February- Post-Valentine’s Day candy and chocolate.
March- Frozen Vegetable, meats, breakfast items, and tv dinner
April- eggs, broccoli, and cauliflower
May- Sodas, hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, asparagus, pineapple
June- Dairy products and tomatoes
July-Strawberries, corn, berries, cherries, squash, watermelon, cantaloupes, tomatoes, plums, peaches, nectarines
August- Squash, green pepper, salad fixings, berries, apples, melons, peaches, apricots fresh fish
September- Apples, broccoli, cauliflower, can goods
October -Pumpkins, cranberries, grapes, oranges, sweet potato yum
November- Turkey, sweet potato, yams, post-Halloween candy
December- oranges, apples, grapefruit
Buying in Bulk- So sometimes I like to buy in certain in bulk because you can save a substantial amount on your budget. So think about this for a minute about what you need to buy in bulk if anything because of it still your choice. Do you really need a year supply of bananas? Yes I know banana they really do not stay fresh for more than week at time so unless your job requires you to need banana then I don’t suggest buying them in bulk but what about toilet paper or laundry soap, dish soap etc I think you get the point right that way when time is tough for you and the family you will not need to worry about running out .
Are like me living in a tiny three bedroom apartment and trust me there never enough room for buying in bulk so I got a little smart I did this so I have two teenage boys who have different taste in body wash but they both have a closet with a shelve so I start to stockpiling there body wash and body spray in there closet .
Or if you one of the lucky ones you have a basement where you can store thing or the garage is a good place to storage thing. Also under the beds, if the beds are high enough this area can store a case of soap or even can tomato just use your mind. Or you could try and split the bulk with a family member or a friend or rent a storage unit.
“The per-unit” price- So a good rule of thumb is to bring along a calculator on your trips shopping so you can figure out the per-unit price of different items, you want to know this step if you are going to buy in bulk.
So are you like me not to sure how to figure out the unit price of items, so we need to decide which unit you want to use– so do you want to figure out how much per ounce or how much per pound something costs?
So take canned goods should be figured out per ounce, while thing like fresh produce and meats should be figured on per a pound basis.
Here is an example, let say you’re looking at a 15-ounces can of tomato sauce and you’re trying to see if it bigger prices then a 32- ounces can next to it, take the total prices of the first can and then divide that number by the number of ounces in the can.
Know the calculation formula of unit prices. The math figure is Cost of Item / Quantity = Unit Price. Simple examples are provided below:
18 oz of peanut butter is $2.79
$2.79 divided by 18 = $0.16 per ounce
20 ballpoint pen package is $3.00
$3.00 divided by 20 = $0.15 per pen.
This gives you the per-unit price of the first can. So you can do the same thing for the second can. Whichever can comes up with a smaller per- unit prices gives you the highest savings.
Always try your best to avoiding impulse purchases- Ever been to places like Sam’s club or BJs wholesale or any warehouse store, you can almost always find a great deal on vast quantities of items, thing like baking soda, salad dressing, or if use paper plates and keep in mind do you have the storage space for it then, by all means, go for it stock up .
The biggest problem I see with warehouse stores is a lot of people have the impulse buying. Let talk about a few examples of impulse spending I once saw a woman who was hosting a family get together and needed a couple of case of soda for a party, but she walks out the store with a couple of case of soda, a new television and six ten-pounds packages of frozen chicken breast, and some new tire for the truck she had .
Impulse buying is usually often stronger and a lot more devastating at a warehouse store, after all, people are finding a lot hard to pass up the good deals on the thing like the new television set with a sale price on it.
Also along with keeping the impulse spending in check you also should be checking the price-per-unit on everything you buy. So yea the 15 -pound can of tomato sauce looks like a really awesome deal, if you are checking to price per ounce and always compare it with the sale price per ounce at a regular store as we talk about a few sections ago , you may find that really are getting the best deal at all.
You know the hardest part of this is remember to keep a price journal, which a little later we talk about a price journal can be really beneficial.
I know it feels a little hard at first but to be truthful it easier than you think because we live in a world where all you need to do is pull out your smartphone and pull it up on the web.
Generic product versus Store brands- So this is no big news but every store carry store brand which is very easy to know if it a store brand because it will say the store name on it. They also carry generic products which are the product that does not carry the store name on it.
If your willing to be a little adventurous you could start trying the generic brand which can save you money off your food budget. Who does not like saving money I know I do.
I have heard people say they do not care for the generic brand because of the taste or the quality but I truly believe it there cooking but hay I am only joking it a personal choice but they should ask them self if there have ever tried the brand.
So give it a try and see if your family can taste the difference until you know I would not suggest you add the generic brand to your stockpile yet.
What the worst that going to happen your family falls in love with the brand that a good thing because it going to benefit your wallet and your food budget.
So my family has found they like the taste of these generic versions of
Tomato sauce and paste
Canned and frozen vegetables
Margarine or butter
Cookies and crackers
Dairy products ( milk, butter, cheese )
Coffee and Tea
Bread, rolls, and buns
Building friendships with store employees – Ask yourself if you know the muffin man? No. I am not talking about the one who ” lives on Dury Lane” in the children’s rhyme, but do you know the local cake baker or the manager at the local store or employee at the store. If you do not then think about just being friends with them and talk to them about the product you are buying because they can be a valuable help to a great saving.
I do not mean stock them on social media just if you’re in the store just be friendly. I know that sound way to hard to just be friendly.
They might remember you when you come in again and there a little more friendly at the answer to your question. Never hesitate to ask the guy behind the meat counter what time each day the store reduce in price their meat, the produce employee what time she pulls the past -it -time prime fruit and vegetable.
Most stores throw away day-old bread and less-them -perfect produce. It simple all you need to do is ask the store manager what their policy are.
But never get disappointed when they tell you it goes to the local church food bank.
Pain and Joys of a price diary -Ever question if you need to stock up on your favorite pasta at the current sale price, or should you just purchase the amount need for tonight supper? That is a hard choice what to do? Then you just remember that your out of toilet paper what a sin that is to be stuck on the crapper with no toilet paper but for the life of you can remember what brand it was, or is buying the 2 for 1 special worth it.
Well, what if you have a magic genie in your purse or pocket that can solve this problem for you. That would be an amazing feeling and a lot less stressful right.
Well I don’t have a magic sword for you but I do have an idea that is almost as good: Price Journal
Here is a sample of what your Price Journal might look like.
” Dear Journal, I am very pleased with my self today !!! Today I only spent 75 cents for each can of vegetables !” Just Kidding with you your price journal is not for the emotional thrills of your saving the pennies or the dimes. A price journal is a handy daunting price list you create of the products you buy and stock up on in the stockpile so when you have a question about an item you have brought and it price so when it goes on sale you know if it a good idea to stock up.
That way you are able to purchase items at there all-time low prices, which means you can avoid paying full prices. That sound so amazing right because if you wait to add the items to your shopping list you regret it because you will end up paying full price for the items.
I am not going to lie to you setting up your price journal can be a little bit of work. Yes, I said the dreadful word Work, but keep in mind that the journal is well worth every painful moment if you use it right. But if the journal is just going to set on the kitchen table collect leftover food then you aren’t investing your time and effort or your money well.
Here’s how to set up your own price journal :
Find a small lined, spiral- bound notebook or mini 3 ring binder.
Choose a notebook or binder that is easy to fit in your purse or your pocket so when you head out the door to the store; you need to carry with you when you shop that way it will be using fully.

  1. Go through your cupboards, pantry shelves, refrigerator drawers, freezer and make a list of everything you buy regularly or use at least once a week.
    These are the items you should stock up on they are on sale.
  2. Organize the items.
    You can organize the items by topic such as meats, dairy, bread pasta, vegetable, canned/boxed items, spices, frozen foods, paper products, cleaning products, soon you get the point So the goal is make the list as easy as possible so your not spending all your shopping time in the store looking in your journal . So have a little fun with it.
    Here is a sample of price journal :

Remember this is a sample one make so you can understand it.

  1. Transfer the list to your price journal.
    So in this example, they decide it was easier to list the ingredients for a meal they were making which I personally find it a lot of fun but just keep it simple.
  2. You should write in pencil the lowest prices that you find for each.
    There are a few ways of getting the information you can jot down the price of your list when you go into the store or if your like me and enjoy surfing the web most store now have a website where you can look up the information with leaving your home.
    Or take out your old receipts and look at the price and when you find the cheaper prices easer it and put the new price in its spot.
    Make sure the store name is listed on the journal page nothing worst then forgetting which store had the best prices. Use abbreviations that make sense to you for the store name or item needed.
    So if you only do your shopping at 2 stores then by all mean only record there prices in your journal. Be sure to list the unit prices do not just list beans $.25 per can. You kinda find it better if you add a little more detail “beans, kidney 15 oz can —$.25 per can. Keep the store flyer in the Price journal is a good idea too because trying to figuring all those cost-per- serving or cost-per-ounce number can be a little trick and stressful. You are more in welcome to refer back to the section about calculating unit prices.
    You want to list the lowest prices that way you know when the advertising flies come out on what the store has for upcoming sales. Remember to make the shopping trip worth it stock up on the items you use.
    So keep watching the sale flies that seem to scream at you remember to look a price journal that way you can compare the current price to the price in your journal. So here example let say that the red sauce is being advised as on sale and you just pull out your Journal and that same for sale sauce it the same price as normal. Sometime a store will advertise something as being on sale so they can later raise the prices, so us as customers will even blink an eye.
    For example here is something you might want to include in your price journal :
    Baking Supplies -Baking chocolate, cooking oil, dry and evaporated milk, honey, raisins and yeast
    Bread: Dinner rolls, hamburger, and hot dog buns, and sandwich bread
    Canned goods: Applesauce, broth canned: chicken, beef, vegetable. Mushroom whole and slice soups, spaghetti sauce, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and tuna
    Cleaning supplies – Blench, dishwashing detergents, fabric softener, and dryer sheets, laundry soap powder, and stain remover.
    Condiments-Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, pickle, relish, soy sauce etc
    Dairy-Milk, butter, coffee creamer, light cream, margarine, whip cream.
    Frozen – Green Bean, corn, french fries, mixed vegetables, peas, and spinach
    Meats- beef( ground, roast, steaks, strew meats) chicken,( breasts with bone, ground, drumstick, thighs, whole fryer, wings) ham ( sliced, whole , turkey ham) deli meats ( ham, chicken, turkey, roast beef, turkey) pork (chops, ground, roast, sausage) and turkey (ground, whole.)
    Paper products- Facia; tissue, paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene.
    Pasta: egg noddles, elbow macaroni, fettuccine, linguini, manicotti shells, penne, rigatoni, spaghetti.
    Pre-package items- Bouillon cubes (beef, chicken, vegetable) gravy mix packets, hot chocolate mix, jams, and jellies, peanut butter, rice (brown, instant, long grain, white, wild ) sunflower seeds, vinegar (balsamic, cider, red wine, white, white wine)
    produce- apples, bell pepper (green, red), carrots. lettuce, 9green leaf, head lettuce, red leaf, romaine), onions, potatoes, (baking, bagged, red, sweet, and tofu
    Refrigerator/freezer supplies: cheese (cheddar, Monterey jack, mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, romano, swiss), cottage cheese, eggs or egg substitute, juice ( lemonade, orange, mixed), lemon juice, sour cream, tortilla (corn, flour) yogurt.
    Spices: Allspice, basil, chili powder, dill, nutmeg (ground and whole), onion powder, onion salt, oregano, paprika, pepper(black and white ), rosemary, sage, salt, thyme, and vanilla extract.
    Remember to include toiletries ( face soap, shampoo, shaving cream, make-up) at the store, make sure you include it in your price journal also.
    The thought is that over time you may find you are saving so much much cash that you can finally start making those plan to take a vacation or repair the house or buy a house or new car or truck the idea are endless.
    So I know that this chapter in Life Under construction has been full of information and be quite stressful so with a little help from God. Here is a little prayer to help you.
    Prayer for Overcoming Life’s Hardships
    O Lord, we call upon You in our time of sorrow,
    You give us the strength and will to bear our heavy burdens until we can again feel the warmth and love of
    Your divine compassion. Be mindful of us and have mercy on us while we struggle to comprehend life’s hardships.
    Keep us ever in Your watch, till we can walk again with light hearts and renewed spirits.
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