Thrifty Cooking Tips

Welcome back my follow Millionaire in training I am so proud to announce that today blog post is going to cover a topic like :
1- Freezing meals ahead time to save time and money
2- Cook in the creative ways and learning to work with other’s
3- Giving old appliances a new outlook on life

Making the stew base…

So there are times in life in order to save money, all you really need to do make slight adjustments in just the way we prepare our foods. In today blog, I will be discussing making a few meals ahead of time to store in the freezer, putting together a couple of meals from planned leftover, and learning to work together in the kitchen with friends and family, maintaining certain ingredients on hand to make a fast meal , also a frugal meals that are design to help you avoid the Fast food traps.

These are just suggestion to help you eat healthy while living within a modest food budget.

Yummy fresh food

BRR freezing food = Freezing Food Bills –
This is the greatest money saver that I have discovered in making a meal head for the freezer. So when I started cooking my family meal for the freezer our $800 per month food bill dropped really fasted to about $ 500.

Now by having our meals already prepared, I am not so tempted to run to McDonald’s anymore because I can pull from the freezer right to the oven when I am too tired to cook after a long day at work.

My family of five can sit down for a very yummy and delicious home- cooked meal every night, and the best part is I am saving a little money in the process.

Easing into bulk cooking
The idea of cooking for the freezer is going to put off a lot of people I know it did me at first because when I heard the term 30 days cooking or the monthly cooking made me feel that I need to add extra work to my already busy day so I rolled my eyes and another factor was I only had small fridge-top freezer for many years . So I can completely understand they hesitations.

Looking for freezer space

What to do if you do not have the freezer space, or the energy, or even the skill to be too organizational gifting for the full month of cooking in one pop, which is okay because there is no time limit to this you can try it twice a month or even weekly. You will find something that works for you and your family. I started off by doubting the recipes when I was cooking every night and sticking the second pan of whatever we were having in the freezer and then by the second week increase it when at lunchtime and then again at breakfast and before I have known it I have a freezer full of food.

To ensure the meals are thawed and ready to heat up at dinner time, so plan your dinners two days in advance. Although most frozen casseroles take about 48 hours to thaw completely, so thinking ahead really saves reheating time. While you can reheat many items directly from the old trusted freezer doing this does add a signature to the meal preparation time.

There another way to ease into bulk cooking and it called Mini-Sessions . By preparing meals for the freezer based on their protein ingredient (chicken, ground beef, tofu, and so on by planning your bulking cooking session right at the supermarket for the most current sales. So here an example my local Walmart had whole chicken fryers on sale for 57 cents per pound which mean in my price diary which I talk about a few blog post ago. So I stock on the maximum number of fryer allowed to buy for the customer in one day which is usually on four, then home i go and quickly did a mini chicken mini session. So after deciding which chicken meal I am going to do I started cutting up the four chicken and prepared a number of frozen meals.

Here are a few meals I made ;

Two or three meals worth of marinated thighs and drum sticks in plastic freezer bags – The chicken marinated while it’s frozen and also while it threw. In this case, I just used homemade Italian -style salad dressing for the marinade. To throw the chicken pieces onto the barbecue or under the oven broiler until cooked through.

Two meals of chicken cacciatore – The freeze- ahead various usually make a consists of sliced chicken breast, a jar of spaghetti sauce, strawed tomatoes, and some sauteed onion and do not forget the pepper strips. My family prefers to have this over a plate of pasta or rice.

Several meals worth of cooked chicken –
I like to cut the chicken into medium sized chunks to use in the skillets meals or casseroles. So having freezer bags with all the precooked and frozen chicken pieces makes later meals preparation a snap.

Do not forget the HOMEMADE CHICKEN NODDLE SOUP – Soup is usually good for at least two meals, if not more, depending on how hungry the family is the time they are eating.

In case that you are wondering yes I do use other food and meats, so please do not think that we are that poor that all we eat is chicken for weeks on end and always make sure you mix up your menu a little to keep the growing troops happy.

And as always it is my pleasure to be able to write this blog post for you all and if you are looking for more money saving tips check out the link below. where all my ebook are in downloadable in a pdf front and once payment is confirmed you send a link right your email address.

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