Freezing tips for homemade meals .

Yummy Chicken pot pie

Welcome back my millionaire buddies today blog which we are going to pick up where we left off yesterday with freezing homemade meals.

Freezing already prepared meals and trying to maintain the quality of each item requires a little bit of know -how. Always keep in mind that as long as the food is frozen solid entire time, it is very safe to eat indefinitely. But the quality if the taste, texture, and color of the food begin to suffer after about the second month even worst after the third month of being in the freezer so it suggested using the pre-frozen food within eight weeks. So if you do end find a bag of frozen spaghetti sauce that has been hiding in the back of the freezer as long as it been frozen the whole time it safe to eat.

Food pulled out of the freezer

Below are some more freezing tips :

1- Do not run out and buy expensive plastic containers to store your frozen meals the inexpensive ones are okay to use. The most important thing is to make sure their airtight seal to prevent freezer burn and moisture loss. So plastic butter bowls or the lunch meat bowls you can use up to week in the freezer because they do not really have a tight enough seal for long time use.

2-To help save as much money and space as possible in the freezer is to use the highest quality heavy-duty zip-top freezer bags, and the best part is the bag can be washed and reused several times, just do not use them to store meat. You are able to store things like sauces, marinated meats, and meals you can reheat in a saucepan in freezer bags. Also, freezer layered casseroles like lasagna in an inexpensive glass baking dishes that you can find at a garage sale for a wide range of prices you also can use the disposable foil pans.

3- Labeling your frozen meals carefully with the name of the meal and the date when it went into the freezer. I hate to see you standing in the freezer door wondering if the bag you just pulled out is homemade chili or cacciatore and whether it hiding in the freezer for ten months or just week.

4- Cool food in the refrigerator or by dripping the pan carefully into a shallow sink of ice water before putting it in the freezer. You should never let food cool (or thaw) on the top of the counter at room temperature because bacteria then have a chance to grow.

5- To help prevent freezer burn, remove as much air as possible from the package before freezing. If you are using freezer bags, close the top of the bag but remember to leave a small corner open for a drinking straw. Use the drinking straw to suck out any extra air from the bags, and then quickly slip out the straw and close the bag the rest of the way.

That all I have for you today and if you are looking for more money saving tips check out the link at

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