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Good afternoon my follow Millionaire Buddy in trainig in today blog we are going to be talking more about Money Rlationship we have and how our relationship can affect the families bonds .

I have learned that every one of these little seemingly straightforward money choices is the tip of the money relationship iceberg. So we are going to learn how to navigate your way through the relationship side of this choice, you’ll that you not only help teach your children how to make smart decisions but you will also strengthen your mutual emotional bonds with money. Misread sign could make your family at risk a hardship in the family bonds and the closeness of your family.

When Keegan was in the five grade, he was learning what there was for job option as a job fair in the school. So Keegan teacher decides to have the student take a job interest test to see when their strength was would you know it that Keegan test is very high in weapons. So the teacher and local police department want Keegan to attend a camp called POSTCARD . It was a huge opportunity for Keegan, and he was very excited to invite to the camp. As Keegan and I were preparing for the trip, his sponsor called to tell me that I need to buy a camp shirt and shorts. You can just imagine what I was thinking because I hate spending extra money for no reason, and I truly believe that it was ridiculous. In my mind, Keegan had enough t-shirt and shorts already and he certainly did not need any more that was going to cost a total of $35 dollars. Keegan heard my conversation with the sponsor and hear me refused to buy the t-shirt and short and he was crushed.

For me, this was a financial choice. But for Keegan, my unwillingness to buy the clothes felt like a lack of support for his dream to be a cop. In Keegan’s mind, this camp was once- in- time opportunity, and now I would not spend the $35 dollars on it? Wasn’t he worth that much?

The sting of that choice hurt and created a real emotional distance between Keegan and I. Obviously, I never intended to hurt her Keegan. And now as he is a little older he starting to understand the way I think about money.

When we get parents that are willing to talk about the own childhood experience with earning an allowance or going on vacation or getting there the first job, they always have a story to tell similar to Keegan, a time when a financial choice became a point of contention between them and their parents.

Jakob told us how he was planning on saving his money from mowing the lawn so he could buy a new bike, only to find out that his parents expected him to use his income to buy his own clothes and school supplies.

Andrea remembers having a huge blow up with her father she brought a very expensive doll. Her dad insisted that she buy something in a smaller price range, as Andrea was determined to buy this doll just because her best friend brought one.

Aubrey’s stepmom was as thrifty as they get, and she rarely brought new clothes and toys for the children. Even when Aubrey begged for them at Christmas. Every Christmas morning brought the same kind of second-hand dolls and used clothes she had come to expect. “If we had been really poor, I would understand,” Said Aubrey, ” but we had the money. My stepmother just didn’t like to spend money on thing that she knew we’d outgrow break. I suppose she was trying to be smart with her spending, but I just saw it as her caring more about saving money than giving us something special.”

You may have a few stories like this too. Most of us can think of a time or two that we butted heads with our parents over a money choice. And if you still remember it, it’s a response that created tension between you and your parents. you can butt heads at any age it just the reality it ……it going to happen.

So instead, we’re going to dig deep into what really makes or breaks the family relationship. you can have a great budget, a decent college fund, and a great system for handing out the family allowance , but if you are constantly fighting with children about what their spending, you are missing out on making memories not in to fund their futures or putting all your engies into making sure every child is earning every cent of his or her allowance. Well like it or not your hitting the wrong target. You might as well have a solid financial future, but you will have a family that can not be in the same room together without fighting.

That’s why we’re going to force on the Money Relationship between you and your kids. All the chore charts saving plans in the world aren’t worth a thing if you have a relationship that is broken. As we force on your money Relationship, you’ll notice that we refer to your parenting partner instead of your spouse… I did this intentionally that language as a way of acknowledging that family isn’t not always two married couple and the children. We want to include single parents and blended family like my with mom, dads, and stepparents and anyone raising children feels encouraged to take on the journey to teach the children good money making skills. It’s very essential that all the adult involved in your children lives are working to help build the money skills.

We’re going to use the next few blog post to lay the foundation for the stepping stone as to build a strong, healthy Money Relationship with your children. Then we’ll be going to kick in high gear and work through the biggest changes parents face when helping their children learn how to think about and manage money and relationship. The combination of theory and practical advice is the springboard for making sure that money never comes between you and the family and might actually become an area that helps your family grow strong and better as a unit.

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