Money Personalities Part 2

Good evening follow Millionaire in training I am so proud to be writing this blog today so you know that yesterday post we have been talking about the 5 money personalities and tonight I am going to pick up where I left off. And as a recap of the names of the personality.

1- Saver
2- Spender
3- Risk Saver
4- Security Seeker
5- Flyer

As you can look over the list and know fairly fast your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities. Since this blog focusing on your children, were spending the next few blogs talking about 5 money personalities they are going to related to our children. But the talk with the children will go so much better if you and your parenting partner know your own money Personalities as well.

So now I am going to take this time to interduce you to the idea of my newest ebook that will be coming out at the start of next week it called “Shh… Do not tell mom and dad I am growing up ” A parent’s guide to the talk about money with there daughter age’s 5 through 12. It quick, it easy, and it will be a great help for you in introducing money. So hop over to

As the most important people to your children, it’s very important that you and your parenting partner approach to the talk about money that follows as a strong united team. You two might have very different Money Personalities. It’s very quite possible that you have your own issues when it comes to money. Did your marriage end because of conflict? But now it a time to put all of that aside so you can work together to help your wonderful children avoid those same problems and a lot fewer arguments down the road.

So each stage and stage section, we are going to talk about a few of the ” button pusher” that might come up for you as there parents when your child’s money personalities clash with yours. Here is an example, if you’re a Spender/risk taker and you have a child who’s is a Saver/security seeker, you might be endlessly frustrated by your child’s anxiety about saving money and the future. But when you recognize that their anxiety is going to be part of her money personality and not some character flaw on her part, you are better able to deal with those fears in a positive away and it going to be fewer arguments.

The best gift you can give your children is a better chance at having not too worried about some the financial hardship we face when we start into the adult. And because money affects just about everything every choice we make as a couple, having a very strong partnership. When you show a model of that kind of communication and mutual respect, it will have a lifelong impact on your children.

By learning how to work through any money decision together is going to go a long way toward reducing tension in your family foundation. It will bring you closer together and it will help all of you learn more about yourselves and each other. Plus, it can and will be fun.

So I encourage you to follow and share your thoughts about your family money personalities and please keep watching for my newest ebook at .

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12 thoughts on “Money Personalities Part 2

  1. Most parents dona good job of teach money responsibility. Good luck on you book.


    1. Completely agree that most parents are doing amazing job at teaching their children money management . But their are some parents like myself who grew up with very little training and don’t even know where to turn until a simple little change my life forever .


  2. This is an important topic. My kids are all out of the house now so they have already pretty much developed their own money personalities. Unfortunately the kid’s father and I had different ideas about money and were not able to talk about that issue. We divorced long ago (not over the money issue) but I hope the kids will have a healthy way of dealing with money.


  3. I learned all my money know-how from my mother who is really good with money. Unfortunately, my father was terrible with money. I think seeing the mistakes that he made and learning how to fix them by my mother has really helped me. Hopefully my husband and I can work together and teach our son with minimal financial mistakes.


    1. I know that feeling my mom was bad with money and my dad was good with money until they divorce and so growing up watching my mom I look for ways to learn better habits. I keep your family in my prayers as your son grow and learn I love to hear about his process.


  4. This is so important in life!! My husband and I definitely know which ones we are! Haha


    1. I agree this is very important and knowing which money personality is even better .keep up the a amazing work


  5. Financial responsibility is so important! Good job!


    1. Thank you Molly I learned the hard way about responsibility


  6. literallysimple April 4, 2019 — 2:54 pm

    “Money affects just about everything every choice we make as a couple, having a very strong partnership. ” So true! Communicating effectively about finances has made my marriage stronger. 🙂


  7. I would like to see financial commonsense classes offered in schools from K-12 and include one for parents. Many parents don’t talk to their kids about money and yet, it is a very important aspect of life and adulthood.


    1. I completely agree with you on this subject that money management should be taught in school and at home because it will help put end to alot of problems like homeless or low income .


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