Good evening my follow millionaire buddies in training I am so proud of writing this post tonight because if you were following the last few blog post I had told you that Alex had lost his job working for the town of Rumford Maine just over 2 weeks ago well yesterday was extra special day because Alex got a job and it was his birthday so the job loss was very little financial loss for us but I am truly grateful that it ends so soon because our emergency saving took a big hit and our goal is to rebuild that account back up . Now let get back tonight blog

This is Andrea and her money personalities is risk taker/flyer and she so proud of the necklace she bought for the Fourth of July ,

Lynn is fourteen years old and has now started her job as babysitter business in her neighborhood. She has just over a handful of regular family and has started and is making some really good cash.
That’s a good thing because Lynn loves to SHOP. However, Lynn main money personalities are being SAVER. So when Lynn does shop, she is always head straight to the clearance rack or even better she head right to her favorite second-hand shop. Lynn hates paying more than $5 dollars for anything. Lynn keeps a vintage coffee tin in her room as a piggy bank so she can save whatever money she does not spend. She also once a month rides her bike which she brought a (classic ride she nabbed at a local garage sale for $10 – a well worth the money ) to the bank so she can deposit her money in her saving accounts so when the time is right, she will be able to buy her dream car. So after a long year, she has managed to save up nearly $2,000.

Even though Lynn main personality is a saver her secondary money personality is a spender show though as well. Lynn love of shopping reveals her spender money personality, but the fact that when she does shop and only shop the sale racks, and love to shop at second-hand stores, and refused to pay full price reveals her saver money personality.

Have we come to believe that our money personality is part of our DNA. To be truthful there is no gene, of course, but the way you think about money seems to be something you’ve just born with. Even our family dynamics and history seem to have very little to do with your money personalities. I have talked to spender who grows up in the great depression and savers who were raised in a very wealthy family.

My two boys couldn’t be more different in their money personalities. Our oldest son, Jakob is a saver/security seeker and Keegan is our risk taker/saver If someone were to give Keegan a few dollars for his birthday, he has already formed the plan of how he going to be spending it before the candle are blow out. I am saver/ security seeker and Alex is spender/risk taker. So there are the time that I have a really hard time to understand Keegan money personalities as to where Jakob will hold on it every cent he is giving which I completely understand. A few years ago, Keegan had told me he wants to buy a new Xbox and tv. So Alex had told Keegan that we would match him dollar for dollar towards saving for his Xbox well Alex clearly did not understand who he was dealing with because Keegan saves $600 hundred dollars already and if he keeps going we may need to sell one our cars to keep our promise.

This is my son 12 year old son who I been talking about in this blog he is the risk taker/ saver
This Jakob my oldest son he is 14 and he is saver/security seeker

Both of these boys have grown with a single mother who a saver/ security seeker and yet they boys are both wired.

It, not my job isn’t to mold them into little versions of myself. It’s to help them make the most out of their unique, God-given Money personalities.

Well, all my Millionaire buddies I wish you the best of luck in your journey in financial freedom. Remember to be watching for newest ebook coming out this week.

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