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Good afternoon my fellow Millionaire buddies it is my honor to be writing this post today. I know that my post has been a little longer and a lot of information in them so I am very sorry that today post is going to a little on the small side. Because my family is dealing with the death of my step grand-mother on my step-father side but you all you guys are just as important to me as my own family. And I am letting you know that there is going to affiliate links through out the post .

There is a way as a free lunch for a manicure or free bag of stuff) would you. Here are some easy tricks to bring some great rewards.

Mark your credit card pay you –
There is plastic that comes with some perks when you pick the right cards, says Liz Western, the CFP a credit expert at Nerdwallet .com. It all begins with knowing yourself and comparing offer online.

Here where to start ;

Ask yourself do you carry a balance on your cards ( no judgment here .Just be honest .)

If the answer is Yes then aim for a card with the lowest possible interest rate. Money shelled out in interest could cancel out any freebies a rewards card would offer.

Travel-based rewards might make sense. Look for: A SIGN-UP BONUS: Shop around for point offers ( like Chase Sapphire’s recent deal of 50,000 point, which is about $625). This will get you closer to those first -class seats to France.

Spending Conditions: Most cards require you to charge a set amount in the first three months to earn the bonus. If you will not swipe the $5,000 fast, pick up the card with a more realistic threshold.

Perks: Some card offers goodies bags renter car coverage, or waived foreign exchange fees. Think about the type of trips you take so as to maximize the rewards you’ll use.

Look at cards with bonus categories for which you’re awarded two or three times the usual cashback percentage. The AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card gives back 6% at the food stores. 3% at the gas stations, and 1% on everything else.

If the answer is No then High five ! Let’s talk about travel: Have you ever dream about traveling around the world.

Cashback cards likely will put money in your pocket. Does all your dough seem to go toward food or restaurant meals?

If your spending is out ( or you do not use your card often), focus on a card that has the highest cash back percentage with the lowest annual fee.

Get More when you go out –

There are going to be times when a little something extra lead to a nice big payoff.

Make a reservation: Even if your fave place never has though OpenTable. You’ll have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 points which you can cash in for free meals or gifts cards.

Brag about your birthday – Head over to the birthday to sign for the big day at national chains, says Kerry Sheridan of the website ( you may want to register with a whole different email so you won’t get bombarded with coupons or the promotions all years .)

Snag a modern punch card: Buy, get one free? How quaint. With a digital punch card. You are able to rack up a lot of point across multiple brands and trade them in for the freebies training session at the gym or even creative perks like naming a new menu item at a hot dog joint. For food. we’re belly fitness lol.

Be VIP Anywhere
What the best view in a restaurant ask the right way and ye shall receive

Always give a compliment: research has shown that if you flatter someone he or she will see you in a better light. So offer a truly genuine compliment to the hostess and he or she may be willing to help. ” The most effective compliment are consistent with what you want, say Noah J Goldstein the co-author The Small Big. If you crave a killer view, ” we always love how special the staff makes us feel here. It would be possible to sit near a window?

Explain your self: You grew up thinking “please ” was the magic word, but “because ” regain supreme. A study suggested that people explained why they wanted special treatment got their way was more than 90% of the time, compared to 60% percent of those who didn’t. All you need to do is say why you need to have a better seat on the airline to feed your baby. I mean you get the point right.

A signal your thanks: The host whisked you’re to the front of the line because your birthday? Happy Birthday by the way always mentions that you will be sending them an enthusiastic note to the owner or post a really amazing review on your blog or social media accounts yelps. If he knows you’ll gonna go out of your way to express your gratitude he will be more likely to keep up with the VIP treatment.

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