Button Pushers For Parents

Good afternoon all my fellow it an honor to be writing this blog post about some tension when money personalities differ from those of your children. I have put together a few tips for each money personality to make sure your money conversation with your child does not get derailed when they start to push your buttons.


SAVER – If you’re Saver, your child allowance can be a very bumpy road. you will automatically want to crack down on the saving part of your children’s allowance because that’s where you are comfortable. That will work out great if your child is also a Saver, but if she has any of the other money personalities, her plans or lack of them will drive you nuts. So keep in mind that control and mastery are a big deal to our child at this age. You are wanting to make the most of that by being a great teacher who can pass on your saving skill’s and help your child build those good habits. Yet at the same time, you will need to check your self when you feel your anxiety rising. Do you really need to crack down on your ‘s spending or risk-taking, or is it just your money personality talking. So try to let your child have a little freedom to make her own choice, even if they are not the exact ones you would be making. If you hold on way too tight or insist that your daughter do things your way, she is likely to rebel or start keeping secrets from you. And that will be the end of what could be a strong money relationship.


SPENDER- I am a Saver and my younger brother Robert is a spender. So I know firsthand that when your children have a Money personality that’s the opposite of yours; there is bound to be a tension. Getting my brother to part with his allowance is the easy part but getting him to save is the hard part. But I need to remember that my children want us to see the good in their goals, in their ways of doing things, so even when your child seems like a miser to you, look for ways to acknowledge the smart choice she is making with her make. At the same time, when you are making a purchase you feel good about or when you give money to a great cause, tell your daughter about it and help her see the joy you experience and share with others when you are generous with your resources.


Security Seeker – So as Security Seeker, you’re always in thinking about the biggest picture like saving for the village, building for the retirement fund, saving for a car future to your children. They won’t see it as care and concern for them but more as you getting worked up about nothing. And it that can be a huge source of conflict for parented and children. So instead of acting out of anxiety, use your planning skills to help your children set up modest saving goals with their allowances. As they get the hang of it, invite them to pool some of their saving with the money you’ve already set aside for college or that first car.


FLYER – If you’re a Flyer, you likely don’t have an allowance plan set up for your kids in the first place. But what if your children have other money personalities, you might find that they have concerns about money that have never occurred to you. It will take some real effort on your part, but it’s important that your effort on your part, but it important that find ways to nurture your kid’s money personalities even when they are very different from yours. The best part is is that you do not have to be good at saving money to praise your Saver’s or Security Seeker’s careful plans. You do not have to love shopping to go to the mall with your saver or spender to have a date, use your love of relationships to find ways to connect with your children and discover more about makes their money personalities ticks.

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