The Gimmes The Gimmes

Good evening! My fellow millionaire buddies in training today has been really busy because of Alex and me had lost the engine in the new car we just brought a few weeks ago and we have now been a slam with Keegan our youngest son is going to need braces on his teeth so you can imagine the amount of stress but if any family can handle it is us. well enough about us let talk about Trooper and his daughter.

Trooper and his daughter, Minnie are in the checkout line at the grocery store when Minnie starts up again.
“Dad, look at this Jojo Siwa hair bows. I don’t have this one, “
“I see it, Minnie. It is very pink.”
“Can I get her? Please? She only costs four dollars.”
“She costs $4.99, and the answer is no.”
“Can I get this sticker book?”
“No Minnie. Now please stop asking me for stuff.”
“Why can’t I get something?”
“Because you can’t. We need to go, “
As they walk out of the store, Minnie spies the gumball machines in the corner.
“Daddy, can I get some gum?”
Minnie’s got a case of the gimmes.

It those folks that work retail are to parents worst nightmare everywhere. They put all that stuff at the kid height, just begging us to spend another couple of bucks on a little toy or a candy bar or lip gloss or some other trinket that no one needs and only the very strong can resist. Until that very glorious day when retailers no longer want us to buy stuff, we as parents have no choice but to figure out how to quell the nonstop requests for toys and food and junk that are the by-product of every excursion out of the house.
Then again, you do not have to leave your house for the kids to get a case of the gimmes . 10 minutes of tv will throw at least five must-have products into your children brain- shoes that light up, dolls that sing along to the iPod, cereal made of candy bars, and who know what else. Soon giving morning you’ll have your first cup of coffee.
Of all the challenges parents face when it comes to kids and money decisions, the gimmes is probably the hardest primarily because kids can be relentless in their demands for more stuff. It’s the rare parent who can get from the front door of a store to the check out line without caving into at least one request for a toy or new shirt or a bag chips or a pack of gum. Even the most frugal saver can get worn down by a constant nagging from the spouse or the children.

With dealing with the gimmes calls for a ton of consistency and discipline on the part of the part. But it does help to be able to understand your child’s money personalities. As with all important money decisions and conversations, the more you know about your child think about money, the easier it will be to work through money conflicts and build strong money skills in your child.

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