The Gimmes Part 2

Good afternoon my fellow millionaire buddies it has been a true honor to sit here and write these writing. As a little girl my mother used to say that I love to write and have always wanted to be a published author and on Tuesday I receive a phone call for a publishing house wanting to publish my mini eBooks but you know what as the lady on the other side of the line was going through her little scripted talk and pricing options about how much each package was it was at that point I had come to the realization that I was already published, author am I making a shit ton of money no but it not about the money to me it about helping others with the information I have learned .

Are you renter and looking for a way to save money

I also need to let you know that there may be afflicted links in throughout this post and as I sit here and think about my financial journey and the choice that I am making and the choice that I be making for my family all I know is that I need to believe that the good old is going to be taken control of life and all my choice .

So enough about my boarding old life lets get this post started because I need to take Keegan Henry to the Density for the first set of his braces fitting.

Here’s how to talk about the gimmes if your child is a :

Saver: If you have Saver child, please throw your hand in the air and do the birthday dance because, “Hallelujah !” The gimmes are hardly the issues for these kids. A Saver child really does have little issues spending money, even if it’s your money. They are designed in your tummy to be shopping and getting all the new stuff. So you should be saying thank you to your Saver child. But you should very grateful when your daughter does not ask you for a new toy or will not ask for one more piece of candy. Tell her how much you notice and that you appreciate the way he let you run errands without asking for things. Savers take a lot of pride in their ability to save money, and it means the world to your child when you have noticed.

If you have other kids who aren’t Savers and are able to talk you into the occasional random purchase, you’ll also need to make sure you’re that you are not intentionally and unintentionally “punishing ” your saver child for never asking for anything. Just because a Saver child loves to save pennies does not mean they are not still children who do not like getting the surprise of the new toys or a game and never forget the experiences. So make sure you give your Saver permission to ask for something now and again that way you know she has her eye on something. Remember to help her hunt down the best deals on the things she wants or needs. Take her on a thrift shopping and watch her eyes light up when she able to get a really decent deal on a pair of jeans or a really cute top. Also let her know it’s okay to spend, not just to save, money now and then.

Spender :
If your child is a Spender, watch out – these kids just like to get stuff. It doesn’t have to be expensive or cool; it just has to be something. Our daughter Andrea’s Primary Money Personality is a Spender, and woman will work us until she gets a yes, yes, yes, even on something small at home. She might ask for a simple cookie. If we say no, she’ll ask for a Popsicle. If you tell her no she’ll ask for an apple. And when we say yes, it’s like she just won a victory. There is this look of pure victory in there eye’s. She doesn’t even like the taste apples all that much, but to be true that not the point right. The point is she got something, and that feels great to a spender. Spenders always love the word yes!

Your Spender will try their hardest to wear you down. They will ask and ask and ask until you have enough and you just give in to them their wants some familiar right. Like Minnie in the story in a few day blog post, Spender children will always keep asking, because they know that sooner or later you will just give in to their wants. There is only a cure for this and that is sticking to your guns and mean it when you tell them no. Because every time you give in, even to a minor purchase like a gumball, you are telling your spender that you are unable to last forever.

So by preparing yourself and yourself and your child before you head to a store. By reminding yourself that you’re going to hear lots of requests and decide ahead of time that you’re not giving in. Then tell your children something along the line “We are getting some food, and I am not going to buy anything for you today. Please do not ask me for anything .” If your children start in with the classic game of gimmes, remind her that you’ve already made your decision. Stick with it. If she keeps up with it the asking tells her in an even tone that she is more and welcome to go set in the car while shop with daddy or grandma or with someone other then her. If you can hold to your guns a few times in a row, you will see a reduction in the requests from your child. They’ll learn when you say no it really means no, and they will eventually stop asking. As you notice fewer and fewer requests, be sure to praise your child and let her know that you appreciate the change in her behavior. This kind of positive reinforcement goes a long way with a child.

Risk Taker :

A Risk Taker always has a lot of similarities to Spender they’re not about to let money get in the way of their awesome ideas our son Keegan is a Risk Taker /Flyer. It was not that ago he had told me was going to buy an inflatable kayak, and he wondered if we could help start looking into buying one. We just stared at, then said, ” Buddy, we live in Maine. The closest lake is at least 20 miles away. Where do you think you’re going to use the kayak?” His response was surprising “Well, you never know when you’ll need one.”
For Risk Takers, the game of gimmes might not be constant, but their request will often seem unusual, especially if you’re not a Risk taker yourself. You can deal with this by asking your son or daughter how they plan to pay for whatever it is they are wanting. You might be surprised to find that they have a plan that may not even involve your money. ( For instance, because Keegan is a Risk taker/Flyer he had some trouble plan to buy his kayak but with guidance from mom he manages to plan and started to save.

But regardless of whose money your risk take wants to spend, they need your guidance to make sure she’s not asking for stuff just to a stave off the boredom.
Risk Takers have the shortest attention spans when it comes to cool ideas and cool stuff; so if you’re not careful, your risk taker will end up with a garage fill full clothes and video and the latest cell phones that have been forgotten as soon as the next greatest idea comes along. If your child seems to jump from must- have to must have, help force her need for the adventure on experiences instead of material goods. Not only will that keep them from breaking the bank with their latest crazy ideas but it will help them build a better relationship and while making great memories.

Help your Risk Taker set up a simple saving plan for the stuff she does want to buy . If she’s serious about saving up for the latest video and you want to match her saving, that’s But by putting, some of the responsibility for getting her hands on cool stuff on her, you’ll be helping her avoid the impulse buys and forgotten purchases that plague a Risk Taker.

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