Welcome to the new all Talent- Driven Economy

I am so excited to be writing this post today and I HOPE that you all enjoy the whole new world of talent driven economy and the job market .

America’s Post-industrial economy become a talent-driven economy. It highly entrepreneurial and very competitive, with the country leading industries requiring more and more individuals skilled in today’s latest technologies as well as capable of learning new technologies. In such a talent-driven economy, employers:

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1-face intense competition for their products and service
2-need to constantly innovate and out-position their competition
3-carefully watch their bottom line
4- focus on productivity and profits
5- recruit to partner with a top talent
6- willingly pay top DOLLAR and extend the most generous benefits to those who demonstrate talent

It’s a very booming economy for the individuals who are well educated and work hard in their jobs. it’s a bust of the economy for those who lack appropriate education, workplace skills, and job search savvy.
At least for the next decade, the talent-driven economy will be the model that will define the job market. The real winners in this market will be highly talented and entrepreneurial individuals who know how to make market their skills and accomplishment to employers who readily seek their talents and reward them accordingly.

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What We Know and What We Don’t Know
Now let’s talk about some truth about the future. No one really does know what it holds or what is going to bring. No, I do not have a magical crystal or any magical formula that will reveal what the best jobs of the future are going to be.
What I do know is very interesting and well worth your attention and your consideration, and possible action. I know some about the job trend based upon the employment and the census data compiled, analyzed and disseminated by the department of labor. Economists, employment specialists, and career experts also tell us what they foresee as the future for the job and career based upon their familiarity with the present trend, their interpretations of employment and labor market state, and, perhaps best all, their intuition. Based on this information, we’re willing to make some educated guesses, in the pages that follow, about future jobs.

What I do know is this: the future is very uncertain. In the world of work, we're probably in the midst of a profound revolution whose implications are still difficult to foresee. In the state that the economy, with its dual technological and managerial revolution, which destroys but yet it also creates jobs. A company that is downsizing, jobs disappear, and skills become obsolete at a very breath-taking pace --- it is so fast that it is very difficult to prepare for the jobs for tomorrow when we don't know what they are going to be or what they even look like today?  It's a revolution that is really transforming that way we both find and do work. Jobs we perform today may be radically transformed or disappear altogether within just a few years. Here is one thing that is for certain --- we're riding a very fine line where there is no end in sight.
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Let’s start by looking at today, the fact is that it is very uncertainty, we project ourselves into the future and make some very realistic prediction based upon our intuition and an educated guess.
Good Guesses and Feeling Good
As you will see over the next few months, many individuals and institutions will periodically attempt to predict the best jobs for the future of mankind. It’s a popular topic for a lot magazine and let not forget the local newspaper articles as well as for the radio and local television and o my I forget to mention the all too famous Social media how dear me. Although it does seem a little fishy that everyone is interested in knowing the future, especially if it looks like tomorrow will be better than TODAY! As we are really good guesses; and others are going to miss the mark altogether.
So let’s examine just for a minute one the better and most recent ‘best” guesses – U.S. NEWS &WORLD REPORT ‘S annual ranking of the best top 20 best job in America. So based on their own survey research, which I will say included a very compiling data from a lot of studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, private groups, and a variety of professional associations, their top 20 jobs consist. So come back tomorrow and see what the tops 20 jobs are and their annual salary range.

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